Thursday, February 07, 2013

Woman Cooks Her Son in the Oven

Here's a toasty little item I just pulled out of cyberspace:
"Mississippi mom Terrie Robinson who took her 3-year-old son -- who was either sleeping or already hurt, it's unclear -- and put him in the oven. Police say the boy, Tristan, was found charred and still “warm to the touch” when they recovered his body.
"Robinson's twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, was quoted telling WXTV:
She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong ... If you don't know her, don't criticize her."
Well I must say, that does put a new spin on the idiomatic expression to "have one in the oven."  But seriously, how would you feel about this woman sitting next to your unaccompanied child on a commercial airline flight? ;)

The full article is HERE:



Anonymous Jacob Ian Stalk said...

"If you don't know her, don't criticise her" WTF?????

Why the heck not? What does knowing her have to do with criticising her for a brutal murder where the incriminating evidence is not only there in plain view but still warm?

That sister of hers should go to jail for stupidity.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You reckon maybe he criticized her?

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacob Ian:
Well, remember that these two grrrlz are products of a culture which believes that abortion is a superior choice than to motherhood; and that slutting around with thugs is better than having a husband.

So, she made a mistake...oh well. Kids are just as expendable as men.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayye!!! Wait one minute now ERIC!!!! You CANNOT, and I will not allow you to judge an entire race on what you "think" or have "seen" or "experienced!!!!! If anything, the majority of my culture loveand care of our kid! We make due with what we have! So you judging an entire race just because of what youv have heard is a bunch of crap! Get your mind right! Okay, God bless you and yours

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Kim Wilmoth said...

She's a great parent and a good person? Don't criticize her?

This woman can't be serious. Good people and great parents don't cook their children...and I don't have to know her in order to criticize her...I can't imagine a more horrific and painful death...This little boy was 3, which is old enough to know what was happening to him, and she stood there and held the oven door closed so he couldn't get out...The thought of what he went through makes me physically ill...
The words of this monster's sister are outrageous and infuriating. She should be ashamed...If she can't acknowledge that what her sister did was completely abominable, then she should just keep her mouth shut.

7:54 AM  

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