Monday, October 31, 2011

Radical Feminism in the 21st Century

Look'ee here, Roy-Bob, we got us a live one!

Radical feminism is going strong. You will find it in cliques, covens, coteries and university departments everywhere, always biding its time, waiting for a shift in the zeitgeist, for a moment when preparation meets opportunity. Take a whiff of the following, for example:

"As Sheila Jeffreys has put it, and I think we all agree, it has to start with this: there is something wrong with men. It is a pathology with both physical and psychological features. I personally think it is as old as our evolution as hominids. I think it’s a biological adaptation which is now rotten, dangerous, and vestigial. I think we have to force the scientific establishment to take a clear look at this colossal sick old mammoth taking up all the space in the living room, and make it stop distracting itself with sexy cosmologies and particle accelerators. I don’t quite have a name for this pathology. Let’s give it a real name together. . . . .

. . . . We have given up the polite, diplomatic, politic, earnest, logical, legalistic approach in favor of Realpolitik. We accept revolutionary attitudes and emotions; rage and despair, unflinchingness, uncompromisingness as motivational and curative. We see that compassion, empathy, a willingness to work with men, is seized upon and perverted by the System as it has always been, a weakness when dealing with the amoral. We don’t make the mistake of wasting our energies trying to persuade men to do anything. We are not naïve or idealistic, and we work to avoid falling into denial. There is no romanticization possible of the System. As painful as it is, we choose to act without illusions, especially the illusion that the System can be fundamentally changed from within.

. . . . .We have moved beyond palliation (negotiation, mediation, reform, compromise, engagement with the System) to exploring effective means of extirpating male pathology, including being open to biological explanations and treatment of such psychopathy. We are concerned with the overall structure of male oppression. We are open to going wherever the evidence and experience lead us.

In recent years, studies of male hormones and aggression, the development of the science of social dominance theory, primate studies, and genetics have begun in my opinion to take us very close to the etiology of the underlying sickness. This emphasis on looking at the pathology of male hormonal mechanisms is a new kind of “essentialism” that offers hope, because treatments can be developed to mitigate the death-drive of men, their hierarchical psychology, their insensitivity to the pain of living creatures, their pleasure in violence and intimidation, their acquisitiveness, their rape and phallic obsessions. It’s an exciting development, though the science involved it goes hand in hand with new dangers to women which must be resisted.

This is only a very thin slice of the wonders that await you HERE:

Well I would surely appreciate not being told to "do anything" by such people. But to belabor the obvious, this signals a shift in tactics that will feature less talking from our enemies, and more stabbing us in the back. Yes, that is what we ought to brace ourselves for as the 21st century unfolds.

Anyhow, since you are here, go watch this old favorite again and let the dots connect themselves:



Blogger Richard said...

Research related to the video:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ScareCrow said...
Research related to the video:

For feminists this, and all related reports, is one of many examples of feminist poern.

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Blogger trent13 said...

That was crazy - and reminiscent of the Nazi experimentation stuff. I expect that society would retaliate with the appropriate shock and horror, considering it proposes a "fix" for every mother's son out there. It reminds me too of the ritualistic human sacrifices, in this case males being offered up as a sacrifice for the "good of all humanity." Thanks for posting.

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