Monday, November 05, 2012

It is Not Uncommon for Women to Lie About Rape

Consider the following:
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Police say a 20-year-old student could face punishment after admitting that she lied about being attacked while walking on the university of Florida campus in Gainesville.
No, it is not uncommon for women to lie about rape. It is a recurring social phenomenon, and it happens quite a bit although the exact percentages are hard to know. Of course, it is also difficult to know the exact percentages on actual rape, both because corroborative evidence is generally lacking, and because rape itself is so difficult to define in the culture of balloon semantics which feminism has created. Indeed, actual rape statistics are to be taken with a grain of salt for such reasons, and the worse the purported rape numbers in any given statement, the more salt should be added to the recipe. Feminists will do anything they can to inflate rape numbers in their effort to fan moral hysteria and anti-male loathing, just as they will tell lies (or "half-truths") in any other area, and for the same reason. They do this because. . . well. . . that is what feminists do. It's simply their nature. Adders gotta bite. Scorpions gotta sting. Feminists gotta lie!

Here is a link to the full news story:,0,4156136.story

It is a tiny item in a local paper, as you see. It will pass unnoticed by most people. It will make a brief splash, like a rock thrown into the ocean, and then it will sink out of sight and be forgotten. And you can be sure that feminists will not be studying such cases or gathering statistics, or showing any concern about the men whose lives are destroyed by false accusation or false allegation. So technically, I think that licenses me to not really give much of a spit about feminist rape hysteria in general, wouldn't you say? I think it entitles me to shrug my shoulders and say "whatever", and go about my day and not give another thought to the issue of rape. Or at least, no more thought than I would give to . . .say. . . murder, or bank robbery, or carjacking, or suicide bombing, or any number of other unsavory things which happen in this world.



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