Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feminism is a Pattern of Dynamic Energy With No Internal Brakes

A significant exchange with the commentariat. (Click to enlarge.):

Also, a few takeaway points:
  1. Feminism is a system of energy that must remain in motion, or else it will cease to exist. 
  2. Feminism cannot establish a stable pattern of life, for that would equate to stasis and would cause feminism to stop existing.
  3. Feminism is not sustainable because it has no way of stopping itself. Eventually, it will so far damage the rest of the world as to undermine the basis for its own existence. This will lead to feminism's speedy retraction and collapse.
Bearing these points in mind, try to think of feminism as a pattern of micro- and macro- operations extending through all dimensions of reality. (We call this pattern the feministical operations complex, or femplex. The word "feministical" underscores the quasi-feminist character of these operations. Not everything about the femplex is purely feminist by name, but the femplex in its totality defines feminism as a social organism.)

Emotional disengagement is the ideal quality in the theatre of counter-feminist operations -- the counter-femplex, if you will. But faux emotional engagement is a discretionary tactic in this theatre of operations. (The operative term is, you understand, "theatre"!)

You may conceive the femplex as abstractly as you please. You could even visualize it as a pattern of shifting lights and colors on a wall, with your emotional engagement no greater than might be expected.

The holy grail to which we aspire, is the collectively individualist agreement known as target consensus. To know what we are aiming at, is to possess an operational map. Having such a map, we may commence distributed operations at various critical nodes. These operations, over the course of time, will effect the necessary external braking action.

Our work as a whole shall be framed within a feminism v. the world binary.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminism is also a revolutionary doctrine; in that it seeks to supplant both nature and civilization with an system alien to both. It can never have like an 'internal braking system' because (like Communism) it must be in a perpetual state of revolution no matter how many victories it achieves.

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