Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Principles Briefly Stated

The First Principles may be briefly stated in list format. From these five items, a talmudic wealth of commentary may be developed:.
  1. Personal Accountability
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Characterization by Merit
  4. Non-Aggression and Non-Violence
  5. Respect for Personal Property
The First Principles are a game changer that will form the basis for a third path, and in the years ahead this will prove decisive for the entire non-feminist revolution. That is a bold claim, yet I feel confident in making it. For the present, however, I will be mysterious and say no more.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to be clairvoyant, listing these principles several days before the article posted on Avfm. I think it says a lot, that principles involving the willful striving for integrity and personal honor, etc, always seem to be forthcoming when men put their heads together, so unlike when feminists put their heads together, it always seems to be all about how someone else is bad or wrong etc, never any evidence, at least that I've ever heard or noticed, and I've heard enough of them, never anything about their striving to better themselves, about honor, strength, integrity... feminist, do you view yourself as perfected? Should we ask Eve Ensler such a question? What are your flaws, how do you strive for honor within yourself, what principles of individual honor and integrity do you advocate to your peers? Oh, too busy with that thirteen year old? I see.

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