Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From India: Woman Tells False Story of Gang Rape

This recently in from the Hindustan Times of India:
"A Moga woman’s story of her kidnapping from Chandigarh and dumping here after gang rape in a moving car has turned out to false. She posed as victim to frame her boyfriend’s wife who had got her into prison on the accusation of attempted murder by poking with HIV-infected needles.
"She was out on bail when she made up the story."
The timeliness of this should be clear to anybody who has witnessed the viral promotion of a recent story, also from India, of death by gang rape on a bus. The latter has triggered a vicious anti-male feeding frenzy by feminists everywhere on Earth. Yes, it is classic feminist behavior and we've seen it all before. It is true to form. Feminists love it when such things happen, they live for such moments, and they would like to see more of it. And why?  Because it lets them foment moral hysteria, to prove yet again that "feminism is necessary". ("Feminism", of course, means anti-male politics in general.) For you see, if such things didn't actually happen, the feminists would need to fall back on half-truth, confabulation, or outright fabrication. But here, read the full article:


I would wager some smart money that if you tallied up the evil which men do in this world, and the evil which women do, the two would perfectly balance each other on the scales of karma. I have yet to see anybody make a plausible case otherwise. But friend, you and I know how the world works. Male wrongdoing is deemed inherently more newsworthy, and treated accordingly. When a man does something spectacularly BAD, it is naturally a spectacle and the chattering classes will chatter on and on about it. When a woman  does something spectacularly bad, or worse, does something unspectacular but more significantly bad, the story will get a brief notice -- very much like a rock tossed into the ocean which makes a quickly-forgotten splash before it sinks out of sight forever.

So why should it be that this woman -- who frames an innocent man with a fabricated gang rape story and deliberately infects people with the HIV virus -- does not  immediately gain wild international celebrity? That is a very important philosophical question.



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