Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hate is the Root of Feminism

Takeaway bits from GirlWritesWhat's latest video:
"If the tenets of feminist theory that feminists defend most adamantly, with sociopathic and criminal behavior no less, are the very tenets that collectively portray men as inhuman monsters, and women collectively as their victims, the parts that naturally lead society to hate men for the horrible things that they and only they are prone to do, then yes, I'd say feminism is hate. Because it's the aspects of the theory that lead people to hate men, that feminists seem most interested in protecting.

"And you might think that those aspects are radical, and I suppose you're right -- radical means "pertaining to the root." It does not describe fringe beliefs, it describes core, fundamental ones, basic ones, ones that are foundational to any ideology. The equivalent of "was Christ the Son of God, and did He die for our sins?" It's the radical feminists who are doing it right. The moderates and coffee-shop feminists, are nothing more than posers or pick-and-choosers. . . .
"And it doesn't matter if some feminists are acting or believing out of ignorance. The ideology and those who concoct, perpetuate and control it, are not. Individual feminists might not be motivated primarily by a hatred of men, but feminism is, absolutely, hate. It enourages hate, gives people moral permission to hate, condones and endorses that hate, and incites individuals and governments to act on that hate.. . . 
The way to prove that an ideology is based on hate is to demonstrate that 1.) It's false, 2) its falsities engender and promote unjustifiable hate, and 3) those falsities are the ones most adamantly preserved and defended by its followers. . . The ideology, and those in control of the narrative, are at their most vehement when it comes to maintaining feminism's most hateful premises."  

Now, go and watch the video:



Blogger Unknown said...

Feminism is based on hate and envy, which are are core the same thing. That's why I call feminism evil.

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