Thursday, February 21, 2013

Left and Right in a Way Which Makes Sense

The following video, featuring Walter Block of the Mises Institute, does a useful job of sorting out the accursed Left-Right Paradigm. It accomplishes this by showing that the paradigm only makes sense when you define precisely WHAT that axial continuum is purporting to measure. Economics? Governance? Religion? Foreign Policy? Socialism v. Fascism? Monarchism v. Bourgeois Democracy? Good v. Evil? If it is somehow vaguely intended to measure all these things in the same swoop, then you'll end with a tangled mess that makes no sense at all. Watch the video, and you will begin to understand why popular thinking on the question of Left v. Right, or "liberal" v. "conservative", is such a hopelessly muddled clusterfuck. Unfortunately, embedding is disabled for this video, so I'll need to send you directly to the channel:

This is quite relevant, as I'm sure you'll realize, to various tensions and debates that are now brewing within the pro-male community.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've recently begun thinking that the political spectrum is more a circle or at least horseshoe than a straight line.

When you look at the Fascists, I mean the Mussolini Italian Fascists you really can't peg them anywhere

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched this video last time it was recommended here, good stuff.

St37One youtube channel has a pretty good video regarding the left and right capitalism and semantics called "Why can't we agree? Semantics and Politics"

1:10 PM  

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