Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feminism Must Not Expect "Fairness"

Feminist, when the societal shit storm of karmic payback gets underway, don't come whining to me that this is "not fair." I am warning you in advance that it will not be fair. So don't NAFALT me, sister! I don't care if you personally are "like that" or not. When I think about the misery which feminism has inflicted upon men and boys -- the majority of whom are certainly not "like" whatever feminism accused them of -- it puts me in a sour frame of mind. An uncharitable frame of mind. And have I ever pretended to be a pacifist or a saint? Have I ever pretended to be Jesus Christ, that I should turn the other cheek? Sister, go talk to Jesus Christ if you are looking for that attitude!

In a nutshell, if you call yourself a feminist, then we non-feminist men and women are holding you responsible for all of feminism. Oh, we won't necessarily act mean and angry when you meet us in the real world. Chances are, we will be our customary cool and charming selves. But behind our eyes, we will be watching you and measuring you.

All feminists ARE "like that", because if they were not, then they would not be feminists.  And if for some perverse reason they choose to call themselves feminists, then by default, they are like that. So we'll not waste any more time arguing about it.

Yes, I say that I hold you responsible for all of feminism. That is a power which I possess. But you do not possess the equivalent power over me. There is nothing -- no "movement", no "organization" --  that you can hold me responsible for, since I represent nobody but myself. And since you cannot prove that I have raped anybody, or underpaid anybody, or "objectified" anybody, then you had best shut the hell up about ME. For if I represent anything larger than myself, it is merely the entire non-feminist portion of reality that I stand for, and that is far too huge and nebulous a thing to be held "responsible" for anything at all.

Feminist, make it easy on yourself. Stand up publicly, and tell the world in no uncertain terms that you are NOT A FEMINIST!

Do that, and I will shake your hand and break bread with you.

One more thing. After you have renounced feminism, don't let us hear you talking about "patriarchy" and "male privilege" and "rape culture" and all of that. Okay? Otherwise, we will entertain doubts about your sincerity.

I think you get the idea. ;)



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Not all lesbian feminists are fat!

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