Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There is No Escape: The "Other Guy" is YOU!

This video is so good I can't begin to express it.

But I will share one random takeaway point.

As we know, most airlines have the anti-male policy of not seating men next to unaccompanied children. British Airways is not the only one. In the past, I have doubted the efficacy of boycotting any particular carrier unless one were willing to give up air travel altogether. But after watching this video, I realize that we don't need to target ALL airlines. Instead, we can simply cull the herd, as a wolf pack would do when it targets just one selected caribou. We would need to drum up quite a few men (and women of conscience) willing to boycott British Airways (or whichever), until British Airways felt the pinch and was "hurtin' for certain." But concurrent to this, we would need to drum up a lot of publicity about WHAT we were doing, and WHY.  The glare of public attention would be focused on the campaign, and British Airways would feel the heat not only of reduced revenues, but of being made a public spectacle.

In the end, if all goes well, the bastards would capitulate. And then....the wolves would turn their attention to the next caribou, and the next. . .

You get the idea. This could ideally initiate a panic through the entire airline industry, and persuade others to change their policy before their turn came. Because, if they refused to go along and do the right thing, we would show no mercy. We would not quit. We would run them to the ground and run them clean out of business. Now that's what I call Fucking Their Shit Up, and I'll bet Gandhi himself would give it the thumbs up.

I say. It wouldn't take those airline people long to figure out that "the other man is me"!  Would it?

Now THAT would make shockwaves all right!! And in the long run it would send a message to ALL the world -- not just the airline world.


(Those are Canadian wolves...right?) ;)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great video and message. One thing about the airplane seating policy is interesting. The manner in which it's put forth, is a direct insulting slap in the face of any man. But I would just mention, if I ended up in the same situation, it's just that if I end up seated next to a child on an airplane, I'm disappointed, often they turn out to be tireless screamers, they may smell or tend to slobber a lot, etc. While I agree with the boycott described, there is an upside, as a man, I do not have to sit next to someone's ill behaved brat. While I find the political angle they are working repugnant, I'm glad to be able to move away from most kids. I would add to that though, I genuinely like kids, when I'm in the supermarket, I like making secret funny faces at kids when I pass by and stuff like that. Sometime me and the kid even get a little game going out of it, harmless fun. But I'm always wondering, is some nutcase fembot going to see that and publicly put some sort of rape spin on it, I know very well there are those who would, and they are despicable, even as they are seemingly too shallow and stupid to qualify for the intensity of the word, they are despicable, and I certainly agree, they should be named as such, and not be allowed to get away with it.

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