Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Criminal Nature of Feminism

Feminism is without doubt a hate movement. If this were not so, it would quickly run out of steam and chug to a stop. At its rotten core of cores lies a seething bolus of criminal violence,  obfuscated only by the possession of a stolen moral hegemony and a franchise upon police power. Yes, when they are in power they can afford to maintain respectable appearances, but when the chips are down the mask will fall and they will revert to primordial gutter tactics. Be on guard!

For years, the feminist community has used the technique of reversal to project its inherent violence onto the world around it, but the world has grown wise and now demands accountability. As this trend accelerates, we may predict ever more desperate defensive measures, and those who advocate the human rights of men and boys, along with the right to cultural self-determination by traditional women, will find themselves on the receiving end of dangerous and erratic feminist actions.



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