Monday, March 18, 2013

Proof That Misandry is Real

When you position yourself as politically pro-male, the idiot public wants to know if you hate women.


If any further proof were needed that we live in an anti-male culture, that would certainly clinch it.

So, tell me again that misandry does not exist. . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Misandry does exist because the last time I took a course at a local community college, I parked in a "public" parking lot, but the large black female rentacop for the college gave me a ticket for not having a sticker. When I approached her and stated that I had looked everywhere on the website and actually called people, noone had anything to say about parking requirements because the temporary satellite parking was, in fact, public, open to anyone. None the less, she immediately started giving me the third degree, stating something like "so everyone else got the memo except you", except here in reality, she had ticketed about fifty cars for the same thing, the tickets were visible from where we were talking, and then I checked, and these cars also did not have a sticker (why would they, since the parking was in a public place), but just then a really cute young woman walked up holding the same ticket, and the big, black, female security guard just automatically reached out and took the ticket from the young woman and then looked at me a couple seconds, and took mine too. Oh, there's no misandry there, or sexual discrimination, no. Incidentally, this is the type of thing directed at our students, our young people. I don't care what sexual orientation the big female guard has, but she needs to keep it to herself, and the college admin needs to stop treating the kids (students, I'm not a kid) like little proles in a marxist regime. Period. Let's see an end to that, and in no small relation, an end to feminism, because such things go together. I can't stand liars. I can't stand feminists.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To state the evident, if not obvious, those people who constantly throw around the word misogyny have expanded and loosened the meaning to fit pretty much anything they don't like about any man or male thing they happen to be talking to or about. On the other hand the word misandry is said not to exist by them, even though it obviously does exist and seems to be coming from their direction. Maybe if they practiced a little better word hygiene their vocabularies wouldn't be so offensive.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Haywire Dude said...

In graduate school, I didn't just see Misandry, it was a foundational assumption in the social sciences.

In academia, especially in the soft sciences, men are often termed "RISHs". Racist - Islamic - Sexist - Homophobes. So, regardless of perspective, all men start out being perceived as immoral jerks.

Misandry is definitely alive and well.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known feminists, personally, only thru dating, occasional friendship, etc. At that point which you discover their feminism, and they start spouting venomous nonsense, and plainly confused as to why I a guy would not like being maligned merely for being male, well, that's the point at which I learned to be disgusted with them, after a number of "examples", and also a little bit of education largely due to Christina Hoff Sommers, and Dr. Warren Farrell, lo these many years ago. I did go thru a university, and occasionally encountered institutionalized misandry, but as before, I did not initially put two and two together, I just thought, why is that person such an asshole. If I had known about feminism, I would have known, they are a cult member, and that is why they are an asshole.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a feminist that believes misandry exists.
You're getting accused of hating women for the same reason people assume I hate men.
The MRA's most visible supporters tend to be extremists and mysoginists, so it's hard to publicly support men's rights without being associated with mysoginists.

I wish people would accept that you can fight for men's rights and women's rights, because they are both HUMAN rights.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

@Victoria R:

It is good that you have observed protocol upon entering a non-feminist space. That is to your credit.

(Point of protocol number one: When you enter a non-feminist space, you immediately identify yourself as feminist.)

That being said, the fact remains that you do employ the term "feminist" as a self-appellative.

The term "feminist" is at odds with your self-description. Reading through it, it appears to me as if you are calling yourself a "three-sided octagon".

11:42 AM  

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