Monday, November 12, 2012

Feminism Once Again Revealed in its True Colors

Here is a complete YouTube playlist with three videos in a row.  You will want to study this very, very closely. The woman you will meet here -- Renuka Chaudhary -- is the closest thing to a "quintessential" feminist that you will ever encounter. Everything that feminism may be usefully defined as, is here boiled down to its elements and embodied in a solitary individual. Renuka Chaudhary is a one-woman microcosm for ALL of feminism, and when you study her behavior you will understand how feminism as an ideology and as a movement operates at all times and places, worldwide.

To avoid confusion, I should stress that although not every self-declared feminist is quite like Renuka Chaudhary, feminism as a social organism runs almost exactly according to the template established in the behavior of this Indian government minister. That is to say, feminism as a global hive mind, in the composite average of its effects, is Renuka Chaudhary writ large.

As you will see, feminism is a movement to gain every possible advantage for women and to crush men indifferently if they stand in the way. Renuka Chaudhary is not apparently one of those feminists who favor male genocide, but the difference between her and them is only a matter of degree.

The feminist future offers nothing but more of what you see here, so it ought to be clear that no man with a shred of self-respect or any care for his self-preservation should regard feminism as anything but his enemy. And don't waste your time sorting out the good feminism from the bad. Anything that is "good" about feminism has always been a part of the world whether "feminism" existed or not, and will continue to be available if feminism ever goes out of existence. 



Blogger Off the Coast of Utopia said...

Love the interviewer. Not a pussy pushover like you would expect to find in the west.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Ulrox said...

Cringeworthy stuff - Because you dont agree with me you're doing domestic violence against me! - If I lived under such laws I would flee the country altogether!

The thing I find so strange about all of this is that someone like Renuka Chaudhary is even allowed to be in the position that she is... She's showing herself to be completely incapable of grasping logic and whenever something she disagrees with comes out of her opponents mouth she just tries to shut it down using manipulation instead of logic... If it were me sitting there discussing with her, I would not be able to take her seriously at all. It would simply be too impossible for me to do so!

It also looks very likely that her motive is :"manhating", otherwise I am incapable of understanding why she would act in this manner. She likely is not aware of this :"manhating" herself and would probably be in denial if someone called her out on it, so it becomes impossible to refute her position, and it is this impossibility of refuting her position that I disagree with strongly because in a political environment it is imperative that people are able to discuss political objectives so as to figure out what the best thing to do next is. She is undermining democracy singlehandedly, which is why I wonder how she has managed to get such a position of power in the first place...

It is also interesting to note her body language throughout this whole ordeal. It looks to me to be a combination of rage and aloofness / a kind of certainty that she is right and good and the man she is talking to is very wrong...

It scares me that such a law which completely undermines society in india, is allowed and is not even questioned. Although I dont know how things are in india, I do presume that things are not good.

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Ulrox said...

I'm 25 years old, and I'm a male virgin... When I was 12 years old my father was divorced with my mother and my father got into a relationship with the most manipulative hateful, spiteful evil woman ever. She completely dominated his life and destroyed him completely. I lost so much to her - why did she do these things? I have no idea... She had had some bad experiences in life and clearly needed to vent a lot of rage. It was never enough though. She was addicted to it... I learned in a very young age that women can be worse than men and that experience scared me from ever getting close to one myself. One could make the faulty assumption now that I hate women... I dont though... I like a lot of them, but I never grasped social mechanics enough to understand how to get a girlfriend and after a certain point in my life I stopped caring about it too because I kept hearing about people breaking up and I often would lose friends to girls who suddenly had to be their slave and do whatever they were told. I did not know it then, but I now know that this is because society now favors women so much that relationships with women aren't worth it.

I have sometimes lost my mind to the thought of being with a girl, but that dream quickly dissapears once I talk to them for a bit and learn that 1:" the fact that I like playing computer games makes me not desirable" so I should never be honest about me liking computer games, which is something I would not ever go without.

2: I should buy good looking clothes so as to make a good impression because then I appear to have money when I dont... I dont want to do this because that money could be spent making me happy instead of trying to show others that I am superior to them...

3: I should behave in a certain way that is not me at all. So apparently I should not be honest with myself and instead lie to make a good impression?

4: I have to act fast when I care about being with someone or some other bad ass dude will be faster than me and get the girl before me. It doesnt matter that I care a lot about that girl and likely would have done everything to make her happy (and thus make myself happy) no the bad ass is more sexually viable because he is more assertive and therefore more alpha, and therefore better than me...

5: you should never tell the truth, because they cannot really handle it.

So you see... The things that I value most... Honesty, integrity, the persuit of intellectual stimulation and computer gaming are all things that females despise in men... - and so, how would I have become happy by getting a girlfriend who then demands that I act or be in a certain way? That I dress in a certain way? What gains do I get from such a bonding? Why should I care again?

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And why are you surprised?

Feminism continues to spread it's tentacles and lunacy in numerous ways. This increase in female power will continue until men stop it.

Men will never be able to out-bitch women, as bitching is in their DNA. There is one thing men are best at: War.
Thus,there is only one solution. Total war against feminism.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

And as anybody in the Men's Rights Movement can plainly tell by the red dot on her forehead, she is clearly a brainwashed Jew, or a brainwashed Christian.

After all, they were the ones who started feminism.

Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@637 quite right. you cannot out-bray the donkey, or bring down the crows with cawing back at them. when a cat spoils your garden with it's pissing, no amount of pissing on your part will bother the cat, piss is natural to the cat, and doesn't bother it in the least, it's a win for them when you bite on their false arguments, or try to talk over a natural nagger and harpy.

Incidentally, the sheer nerve, the man is a television interviewer, but when he interrupts her, (that's giving her the benefit of the doubt), that's "domestic violence"??? No, DV occurs between family members, etc.

I would like to see her on Bill O Reilly's show. When he cuts her mic, I guess she will feel she's been raped.

repugnant woman from India, I'm glad they are stuck with her, and not us.

1:44 PM  

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