Monday, November 19, 2012

Let Us Now Hear Both Sides

Here is a link to another video about the recent "to do" at the University of Toronto:

As you will quickly discover, the channel owner is not one of us.  So, the comments are held back by a moderation queue. All the same, I left one of my own, as follows:
Oh absolutely, people with blatantly wrong ideas should not be permitted to spread their hate on campus, or anywhere else. There is simply no place for that kind of thing in a tolerant, pluralistic society. And that goes double for people who want to misrepresent women and violate their agency. Ditto for people who want to distort the meaning of "men's rights" and make a complete mockery of the issues under consideration.
I hope you gave that a careful reading. It is phrased very, very ambiguously, so that it might initially be taken to agree with the channel owner's politics. Yet, on further reflection you will see that it can as well be understood in a completely opposite way. In fact, my statement says virtually NOTHING. It is vacuous tripe. Still, I am pretty sure it will fly under the channel owner's radar.

Now, I would like to see some of YOU go over there and do something similar. The idea is to make a deliberate parody of rad-fem and rad-left rhetoric which will sound utterly creepy to the average Joe or Jane.
Give it a go!


The above channel owner has left the following comment near the top of the thread:
"Note: comments that vilify women and refer to women in sexist terms and degrade their rights, their bodies, and their dignity will not be posted or re-posted here. You can´╗┐ share your insecurity and hate somewhere else."
One thing that I notice about these people, is that they are avid to have their mental image of reality fulfilled, and they are forever peering and sniffing about in search of precisely such validation. What is more, they continually attempt to provoke the desired response out of anybody who is gullible enough to fall into their trap. The person I have quoted actually WANTS to hear the kind of statements which are listed. And the very worst thing you can do to this person is to not give her/him what she/he clearly craves. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...


"One thing I have noticed about these people is that they are avid to have their mental image of reality fulfilled."

Excellent observation. And generally too, their statements, such as 'you can share your hate and insecurity somewhere else' betray the real motives behind their own observations.

The person who posted this video is motivated by hate, but insecure because of the irrationality of what they preach. Hence they invite provocation for ego-validation (to prove to themselves that their ideals have legitimacy). But at the same time, confrontation disproves their beliefs, so it becomes it a vicious thought-cycle that spirals further and further from reality.

I'm not sure that your technique will actually work either, though. Look at all the vacuous commentary on Futrelle's blog!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Tam the Bam said...

How about some Poe-ish claptrap complaining about the Injustice! of wimminz demonstrations being policed by brutish ogres of male cops like those in the video, and that in future only certified XX-chromosome officers should be deployed, to avoid bias when the radfems' punky accomplices attack the MRA hatespeechers?
Although I have a dull feeling in my gut that something along these lines has likely already been proposed in earnest.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Ulrox said...

It makes me wonder... If feminists want to hear us male rights groups talk to them so they can villify us - isnt that generally a good thing for us? dont we want them to act get all riled up over nothing and as such create focus on male rights issues? :)

6:30 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

I doubt that your comment will go through.

The moderator is letting the more "nutty" comments go through.

Or - letting comments from "nutty" people go through.

They are using the comments as a political tool.

9:04 AM  

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