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What Feminism Really IS, Damn You!

I, Fidelbogen, am the world's foremost living authority on what feminism objectively IS. The  power to define feminism is in my hands only. Feminism is what I say it is, and my word upon that point is the official gold standard for all of planet Earth and the rest of the universe to boot. 

I do not claim to speak the "last word" on the subject; I claim to speak the FIRST word. The Alpha word as opposed to the Omega word. Got that? And all words that others wish to add will be gauged by their fidelity to the first word. So if the conception of feminism which you harbor in your brain is not identical to what I've got in my brain, or pretty damned close to it, or clearly derivative of it, then your input is rubbish. Plain and simple.

This ukase applies not only to feminists, but to any soi-disant "non-feminists" who might presume to hold forth upon these matters with any pretension to authority.

I am especially looking at you blue pill traditional conservative types who are full of quaint old-fashioned baloney that feminism means simply "promiscuity" or "women who don't act lady-like" or "not holding doors open", and so on. I've had quite enough of your shallow piddle-paddle, thank you very much. You people are politically more useless than teats on a boar, and you might as well just sign up with the feminists --  because you are more help to them anyway!

Oh, I hate to play the heavy, but if we are to make headway against these evil forces then we need to get on the same page in the matter of terminological usage, so that we aren't forever talking past each other. It's called target consensus, folks! So, if somebody has got to be the lexicon Nazi around here, I'm game for it.

Once more, to make this incredibly clear, I do not mean that I am the sole authority merely in my OWN mind. I mean that I am the sole authority in everybody else's mind as well! And if you don't define feminism the same way I do, with the same insightful configuration of shading and nuance, then you are very simply WRONG, my friend!

And what do I, Fidelbogen, say that feminism IS?

Feminism IS Female Supremacism.

And therefore, logically enough, anything which fosters male autonomy is kryptonite to feminism.

Thank you very much, and enjoy the rest of your day.



Blogger Rper1959 said...

I like it!

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Feminism IS Female Supremacism"

Of course. But the key is to see how you can use it to make it work for you. Without Feminism my life wouldn't be anywhere near as good.

Feminism has given us generation after generation of young girls, raised in a home without a strong male figure. Women crave this - and if they can't get it at home, they will look for it when they are older. I take advantage of this and gladly give them acceptance, as long as they share my bed and keep me happy.

Feminism guarantees that women have plenty of money - so they can pay their own way when I take a trip and invite them. So they pay for the privilege of having me bang them and enhance my vacations.

Feminism makes women readily available to me in almost every setting, without anyone looking out for them so I can exploit, and otherwise use them as I wish - as long as they want it as well...

So, yes - Feminism is about Female Supramacy, but so what? It makes me into the one who's life is enhanced - I can have several on the hook, at my beck and call. So you can call it what you want - I enjoy the results. Of course, a lot of men still foolishly do not take full advantage of the situation - they are fools. It may be a very Machiavellian perspective, but it works and works well...

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Fidelbogen,

Sorry if this isn't the correct place to put this, but I wonder if you (or any others here) might be interested in today's Diane Rehm show podcast and comments. They're hashing through the VAWA thing again, Steubenville, and of course the "endemic" violence of women in this country. There's quite an assortment of the usual fembots including head of now, but I notice she actually begins with an inteview with Phyllis Schlaffly at the beginning of the program and doesn't allow an ad hominem attack against her later in the program, so there's lots here to serve as audio ipecac but also the occasional bit of sobriety from Schlaffly and a couple of call-ins that help to clarify the falseness of the statistics the fembots trot out. There's also a comment section some will want to see, and perhaps help to balance out.

If you want to hear the hour podcast, link is at top left of page, old guy like me almost missed it. And thanks for all your work, I really appreciate your videos on youtube.

Incidentally, how does one know that rape is a "severely underreported crime" in this country? And why does "any non consensual penetration" at all = rape? Shouldn't that just be assault? As annoying as it must be, I think of rape as a horrible act of violence, merely touching someone in that way is not a "horrible act", it's really asinine, ought to get their ass beat, but shouldn't we just let rape be rape, not a thousand other things. Oh, preaching to the choir, sorry.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re above pua-like comment... I agree that, if femmes want to be treated like sex robots, let'em. never give a sucker an even break, never never treat a feminist like more than a lay, and use a condom.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point. PUA hardly fosters male autonomy. But then again, neither does much of the current American 'mens movement.'

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Eric, well, I was mainly responding to the above pua-like post. Personally, I hate pua because it seems to encourage dishonesty. It's beneath me to employ a bunch of affectations in order to manipulate people. Also, seems like that's what feminists I've known do, and I really detest that about them.

I'm not sure I understand why you say the men's movement does not foster autonomy. I would agree that it should foster more male autonomy than it does, but "getting the word out", doesn't that do a lot?

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, my opinion of PUAs is about the same.

The MRM SHOULD foster more male autonomy. But lately it seems to be (at least in the US) in a retrograde mode. Basically, what I'm seeing is a bunch of male neo-feminists subordinating the whole movement to women and allowing these same so-called 'pro-MRA' females to dictate to the rest of us what we should and shouldn't be thinking and doing.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm... that syncs with a few things I've noticed but not thought that much about, notably however, the bumblebee chick telling mra's to clean up their act, and Dean Esmay ranting because a bunch of youtubers didn't behave the way he wanted. It's a subtle climate change, and it rings a bell, re how I think it might have been... Barbarossa... saying look for feminists to try to infiltrate and coopt mra sites and all. Momma just wants to wipe your face a lil'.

What could possibly be wrong with that small gesture?

It's a sleight of hand, I get it, I gather so do you. But it's part of how they work isn't it? I heard of couple of Duke major indoctrinates (like, head of womyn's studies or that ilk) braying on on npr about how she'd just like to give a hug to the young male filled with hate not understanding feminism, or something like that... the concern just made me want to vomit. What they get away with on the airwaves, because you'd almost have to record it, and record all the time, to capture it and then respond (correct) to it.

ahh well...

8:49 PM  

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