Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Mythical Persons "Men" and "Women" Do Not Exist

Somebody recently posted a long statement in cyberspace, from which the following is an extract. This person, you will note, agrees with me. Do I like it when that happens? You bet I do.
"When people ask "what do women want" or "what do Men want", Fidelbogen regularly and accurately points out that there is no person women and no Person Men. There are instead about at the moment, 3.5 billion persons called women and about 3.5 billion Persons called Men. These are rough numbers as there are an uncounted number of other sexes like intersexed persons and neuter persons and more. So we're not addressing that right now because the question tends to focus on what women or Men want.

"And Fidelbogen is right, the proper question to ask in this case is "what does the woman want" or "what does The Man want" as this points to a very specific person called woman or a very specific Person called Man. Then of course that individual can answer for herself or that Individual can answer for Himself.

"This same concept applies in all other cases. The mythical Person Men does not rape. The mythical person women does not rape. Rather some individuals rape. Specific individuals. Or murder or buy clothing or eat candy. And this applies in all cases."



Blogger Richard said...

Just bad stereotypes.

I understand the concept of humor with stereotypes - indeed, I laugh at both sides.

However; there is nothing funny about claiming that all men are rapists and whatnot - something the feminists do regularly.

3:28 PM  

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