Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The lefto-fascist goons are at it again!
"In fact, attempts by the UTSU and its allies to unilaterally close down “men’s issues” events they find disagreeable, as well as their other hypocritical actions, are the primary source for creating an atmosphere on campus that is oppressive to dissent, hostile to differences of opinion and physically unsafe.

"This oppression and institutional discrimination by those in positions of power – paid for through funds levied from all students – was reinforced at the Townhall by attempts to vilify all those critical of the UTSU’s established position on gender issues. Organizers opened the public event by insisting that “Men’s Rights Activists” present identify themselves, following which the UTSU led a discussion focused on how to combat the University-sanctioned UTMIA by infiltrating their meetings, disrupting their events, vandalizing their posters, and committing harassment against their members.

"Baolinh Dang, an employee of the University of Toronto-based Ontario Public Interest Research Group stated “we need to take a militant approach to this… We also need to build a database on who these activists are, find out where they work, find out where they live.”



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