Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amanda Marcotte: a Feminist. Not the Radical Kind

now ye, then, this vile person?

This is Amanda Marcotte, a feminist.

Mind you, Amanda is not what most folks -- especially feminists -- would take for a radical feminist. No, you'll not likely find Amanda chewing the fat with Luckynkl and Bonobobabe down at the Radfem pub, plotting the Final Solution to the Male Question.

Because you see, Not All Feminists Are Like That! Indeed not. In point of fact, only some feminists are "like that". But the others? Well, the others are more like our good ol' Mandy here. Yup. Mandy's not such a bad lot, you know. I'm pretty near certain she'd draw the line well south of boiling male carcasses for glue, for example. No, Amanda Marcotte is a "mainstream" feminist -- whatever the hell that means.

Oh very well, I do know what mainstream means. It means more numerous. Relatively speaking.

Anyhow, I'd calculate that Amanda is only HALF as bad, for example, as those radical feminazis in the Swedish government. Which is like only drinking half a glass of poison instead of a full one, having filled the other half with orange juice so it'll it go down easier. That doesn't sound so hard to take, now, does it?

No seriously, Amanda Marcotte is not so bad. Really, she's not. Not so bad at all. Relatively speaking, I mean. Granted, she'd be just fine seeing you in prison on a false rape conviction, yet I'm sure that you'll never, ever but never hear Amanda talk about throwing little boys through windows or culling the male population down to ten-percent.

Nope, not our gal Mandy! She's a mainstream feminist, Mandy is, which means she is smack in the middle of the feminist norm. She is not some fringe extremist, okay? So when you drag a fishnet through the feminist population, she's the kind you'll pull up in numbers -- and not the radical kind who shelter under rocks and shoal in private forums at the bottom!

Oh hey. . if Amanda changed her hairstyle and got herself a five o'clock shadow, she'd make a right handsome bloke, wot?

But now, here is the bestest which I have saved for the lastest. Go now and read this abrasive blog post which sandpapers Amanda's ass good and proper. Seriously, read it. I mean it!

And here is a link to the Agent Orange files:


Anonymous TDOM said...

Ok, enough already. Please, please, please post another article so that hideous image is not the first thing I see when I log onto your site.


7:58 AM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

TDOM, sadly I haven't got any posts in me at the moment. So perhaps I should post a music video, just to get Amanda's mug out of the way? Maybe I'll do that. ;)

11:58 AM  

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