Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Stunner!!

What follows is off-topic for the blog, but I'm the God of this blog, so I can arrange these things! ;)

Pat Robertson, of right-wing Christian fundamentalist fame, has publicly gone on record with the statement that marijuana should be legalized.

And why? Well basically, because he thinks the War On Drugs is evil. Which indeed it is.

God bless Pat Robertson!

Damn! I love it when left-right political boundaries get blurred, don't you? It always releases the heady, pungent aroma of freedom. I'm catching a whiff of it here, all right!

Ya know, if Barry Goldwater was around today, he would without-a-doubt be seconding this. (But er. . . ah. . . ahem! . . . let's not forget that Barry was a half-Jew, an atheist, and a pro-choicer! ;-)

Here is the New York Times article which broke the big news:

Pat Robertson Says Marijuana Use Should Be Legal

Hey, I haven't touched the stuff in years. But I look forward to the day when I will sit down upon a barren, windswept mountain-top and fire up a fat one in celebration! And unlike Bill Clinton, I will inhale.

By the way, the War On Drugs is a product of the same underlying moral weltanschauung which brought us feminism. They are kindred evils. You knew that, of course. . .



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