Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Convo at the Crossroad

I am not so active on the blog lately, and I am certainly not writing fat, juicy articles like I did back in the day. But things have grown and developed quite dramatically just in the last year -- although what you can see "front stage" is only the tip of the iceberg. At any rate, of late, I've been doing nothing so much as talking to people. ALL KINDS of people, through a variety of channels, sometimes online and sometimes otherwise. The following is a conversation I had quite recently:
Wolfmeyer: What is really holding people back from having the courage to stand up to what is going on? Is it the number of drones opposing us, the suffocating aspect of trying to get counter propaganda in the overwhelming lies being spread, lack of courage, or simply apathy... what? Is there still hope for us after all? Are we unified?

Fidelbogen: Things are looking up for "us". I've been around this men's rights scene for nearly ten years, and the rising energy is quite evident to my informed eye. I see things happening now that would have been undreamed of even three years ago.

Wolfmeyer: But is it fast enough, and are we really doing enough to combat the infection?

Fidelbogen:  Three or five years ago people were saying that exact same thing. Three or five years from now, they will still be saying such things, even when matters have marched further yet. So...I don't bother  negativizing. I just look ahead and keep on truckin'!

Wolfmeyer: I don't like those people either. They can't add anything, so they just say, "you're losers, give up." What I meant was, are our tactics good enough, should we fight more directly, or is ideology a foe that can't be fought with simple brawn and brains alone?

Fidelbogen:  Well, if you're talking about improving our game, then hell yeah! Rock on dude! We are constantly improving our game. It comes with experience. Theory feeds practice, practice feeds theory, theory feeds practice again, and on and on it grows. Anyhow, if ideology can't be fought with brawn and brains alone, then I'm not sure what it CAN be fought with. . .So, I'll keep using my brains to the best of my ability. And my brawn too, if it comes to that.

Wolfmeyer: Like, some have called us cowards for not standing up (directly)... and we all know what happens if you stand up against them.

Fidelbogen: I'm not quite sure what standing up "directly" is even supposed to mean.

Wolfmeyer: They either mean something beyond the internet, going on the news, in the streets organizing anti-feminism. Is this possible? Too soon? Too hasty? Not hasty enough? How about getting in touch with people who can get rid of feminism?

Fidelbogen:  It all depends. I think we need to send a clear signal to the enemy that says "fuck you", but do it in such a way that they are helpless to retaliate without compromising themselves. Then, keep a chronicle of their embarrassment, and push the envelope gradually further and further. It's all part of the boiling frog game.

Wolfmeyer: Have we progressed far? How do we know? I am still very unsure since we are all online, I can't track the battle at all... only using the bullshit feminism I see in the world around me as a tell tale sign of how much feminist bullshit there is... like walking in the woods trying to tell how many miles, how far off.

Fidelbogen:  No..we aren't all just online any more. The conspiracy has spread into society as a whole. And it is growing. Quietly of course. But growing. Trust me.

Wolfmeyer: Yes, I hope the evil of feminism gets as well known as AIDS. That way, we can find better ways to treat it before it mutates again, and ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Fidelbogen:  It will never entirely go away, but it can be boxed into a corner and pinned in a lockdown wrestler's hold.

Wolfmeyer: Damn, that is a scary thought. I underestimated the disease, it will always manifest where there are infantile women and pandering men, and "progressive" morons.

Fidelbogen: Yes. But so long as there are other kinds of women and men, we can keep the trouble at bay. When this monster finally gets dramatically overthrown, it will leave a huge mark on the collective memory. And that means the monster won't be coming back for a good little while. It will need to alter its shape and make a whole different plan, in order to do THAT.

Wolfmeyer:  I know of many people who have been infected, its scary. I'm immune, but that is not much comfort when the next generation of vulnerable minds is subverted with feminism even more, from the parents who were feminist, the people already in the institutions who are feminized, and the furthering of that.

Fidelbogen: Well, as I said earlier, just gotta keep on truckin'. And I am going to be optimistic even at the risk of being a fool. After all, what will I lose by being that kind of fool?

Wolfmeyer: But it does somehow manage to subvert and infect despite being well known and unchanging evil, that's the thing... there will always be women stupid enough to accept feminism now that society has been demoralized as it is now, the first step I think is to get good morals back to children so that they can rebuild after the fall, laying the groundwork for a society that is non-feminist, and against the plots of the left....

Fidelbogen: We need to recruit a conspiracy all across society, so that people of all walks, and all specializations, can work on the problem from their particular angles. And of course...form social networks. If the collective lesson has been sufficiently instilled into the culture after an interval of high drama, then the disease will not have the power to make a comeback. Or at least not for a good LONG time.



Anonymous Introspectre said...

Well said, in your discussion Fidelbogen. And you're right, the disease will never go away; at least not until certain biologically privileged groups, (two in particular), can no longer get away with descending into their traditional regressive assumptions.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blogging not so much these days? okay... but what we need... is a very large 'circle of knowing'.

my better days, I believe in this.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feminism, like Communism and Naziism, is bound to fail because it is inherently counter to civilization and the natural order. The subversion they're practicing on certain elements of the so-called 'mens movement' really only shows that they know they are in ideological trouble.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

I'm not worried about their 'subversion' efforts. They are swallowing more poison than they are dispensing.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Fidelbogen said...

To the anonymous commenter whom I deleted from the queue.

There is no such thing as an "MRA", and no such thing as "the MRA movement".

Also, you don't seem to know what the actual plot is, and where the actual current of history is flowing. That is not surprising if publicly visible online activity is your only source of knowledge about these matters.

12:04 AM  

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