Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adria Richards Set Us Straight

Here is Adria Richards, of  "Donglegate" fame, telling us what the bizarre feminist word "mansplaining" means. (Yes, I have encountered real-life feminists  who use that word in dead earnest!)

According to Adria, mansplaining is when a man tells a woman "something that she already knows." So when a woman tells a man something HE already knows, that would be what .... womansplaining? I would need to assume so, since I wouldn't know what else to call it. I mean, that would be logical and symmetrical, right?

Actually, until feminism came along and told the rest of us how to talk and think, we might have called such behavior "being a social putz", and left it there. But I reckon that would be too inclusive, right? Don't you just love it when a feminist tells us "something that we already know", but sucks half the truth out of it and leaves us all stupider than where we started? I think we are entitled to  invent our own bizarre words, so I will offer up a new one here: femsplaining.



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