Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feminism is the Sum of All It Creates and All That Creates It

Forget about what feminism is "officially" supposed to be. It will guide your understanding more accurately if you realize that feminism is the lump sum of all that generates it, plus all that it generates.

A variety of complex inputs flow together to make feminism. Following this, a variety of complex outputs flow back into the world and modify the culture along broadly predictable lines. These modified conditions then replace the original complex inputs which initiated the cycle and the cycle repeats itself, generating further changes to both feminism, and the world, with every round. The entirety of these inputs and outputs may be considered as a social organism -- an assembly of systems often seemingly unrelated, but united in the furtherance of a common purpose.

We call this pattern of social energy the Feministical Operations Complex, or for short, the femplex.

The unconventional word "feministical" signifies the quasi-feminist or feminist-supportive character of the operations in question. These operations aren't always feminism by strict definition, but their objective functionality in the political scheme of things makes them . . . feministical.

That is why we say that there is more to feminism than feminism. We mean that the mere word feminism does not adequately map either feminism's cultural supply chain, or the effect of feminist innovation within the social ecology at large. Hence, when most people say "feminism", they have in mind only a limited portion of the femplex.

Caveat: "The femplex" is a heuristic category, meant simply to facilitate conversation among specialists who need to discourse of things which outstrip the commonly received understanding. Femplex is not intended as a mirror equivalent of "the patriarchy", and if we sprinkle this term into our conversation as mindlessly as the feminists sprinkle patriarchy into theirs, we will sound just as loony as they do. Consider this a word to the wise.


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