Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hot Off the Wire

Press Release: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Michigan House Representatives Brenda Clack and Steve Tobocman Dishonor Michigan's Families and Children

Michigan - August 31st 2007 -
To commemorate this special day, a resolution was introduced in the State House of Representatives on August 8 by Rep. Glenn Steil. This resolution, HR 162, had bi-partisan support, with ten Democrats joining nineteen Republicans as co-sponsors.

HR 162 failed, because it was passed to Rep. Brenda Clack's Family and Children's Services Committee, and she declined to respond to requests to take up the resolution. House Democrat Floor Leader Steve Tobocman refused requests that HR 162 be "discharged to the floor", which would free it from the committee process, and free it up for immediate discussion and a vote.

Democratic Floor Leader Tobocman's office repeatedly stated the resolution was only about joint custody (in a divorce/separation matter), and would not discharge it to the floor. Tobocman's largest problem was that the date of the rally was put in the resolution, so to pass the resolution would be to endorse the rally.

Following is the wording for House Resolution 162:
A resolution commemorating August 18, 2007, as Family Preservation Day in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, We recognize that the interconnected relationships fostered in families are essential to our state's stability, growth and quality of life; and
Whereas, The strength of our nation today is dependant on the strength of the family structure; and
Whereas, The preservation of the family unit will bring about the benefits of ongoing parental relationships, which include, but are not limited to, a declining rate of juvenile crime and childhood poverty and an increased rate of childhood self esteem and family-value awareness; and
Whereas, Family Preservation Day is an opportunity for government to join forces with parents, children, community organizations and local agencies to advocate on behalf of our children, and to take action together against the destruction of the family structure; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body commemorate August 18, 2007, as Family Preservation Day in the state of Michigan.

HR 162 makes no mention of joint child custody. Naturally the date of the DC Rally was in the resolution-they were the same date! The DC Rally and HR 162 were just two segments of the Family Preservation Day celebration!
Not only did HR 162 fail, so too did a request to Governor Granholm to issue a special proclamation to recognize and honor August 18 as Family Preservation Day. Not even a simple acknowledgment was received on the proclamation requests!
Here are three serious and very clear examples of how the state's Democratic leaders feel about the families of our state. For them not to be able or willing to set aside one single day with a small bit of fanfare to honor Michigan families and to encourage their preservation speaks volumes.
There is yet another serious example of this leadership arrogance and complete disregard toward Michigan families and their children. Rep. Brenda Clack is also refusing to allow House Bill 4564, The Equal Parenting Bill, up in "her" committee for discussion, hearings, and vote. There are eight other committee members-four Republicans and four Democrats. Why is such an important bill being "held hostage"? The Equal Parenting Bill would finally begin to form Michigan's custody laws into being what is truly "in the best interests of the child" and not the antiquted 1970s law which harms families and children.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another New Blog Comes Into View

This has just come to my attention. The blog writer is a woman, and judging from the 2 articles thus far posted - and from The Counter-Feminist being on the link list - I strongly suspect we are in the presence of yet ANOTHER female citizen who takes a less-than-kindly view of Our Mortal Foe. . .

The name of this new blog is The Bonnie View, and you can view it here:

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Saga of the Chisel-toothed Rodent

Here for you all, a couple hours of very lurid reading. If you have not been aware of this little feuilleton, here is your chance to get up to speed:

Biting Beaver Article @ Encyclopedia Dramatica. . .

Now, the nature of such rodents is that they must be forever chewing on something because their little incisors are forever growing - like fingernails! And if they don't trim their choppers down to size, these will get longer and longer and eventually give the critters a fatal case of lockjaw!

At any rate, anybody who knows how my mind works will straightway suss out what I am thinking: the Biting Beaver is plainly and simply an allegorical personification of feminism as a whole! Yes. Isn't it elegant how the microcosm and the macrocosm mirror each other, model each other, and scale to each other? Like Russian matryushka dolls, yes?

Here is Biting Beaver's official "logo":
As you will remark, it is in the likeness of a beaver gnawing at a wooden phallic sculpture. But what strikes me is, that the sculpture was very clearly whittled out of a log! And I could be mistaken, but it looks uncannily as if the beaver itself is the inspired Michelangelo who CREATED that penile artwork in the first place - all for the purpose of destroying it!

In case it isn't clear, the writing on the log reads: "Exposing the heart of the patriarchy and destroying it". That hints pretty strongly that the beaver did the work of "exposing" the big "woody" that was sequestered inside the wood all along. What remains fuzzy to me is where the wood ends and where "the Wood" begins - or at any rate by what objective, empirical, non-arbitrary criterion the line of division was inscribed.

If you recall that the word "beaver" is slang, then you will see how the phrase "biting beaver" is a pretty good translation for the Latin vagina dentata. That might offer some kind of clue.

Not all sick minds are so easily exposed. Some of them are extremely subtle. "Occulted" is the word I would tend to use. But such is not the case with our gal Biting Beaver. No doubt she is very clever and verbally talented, but she completely lacks the gift to see herself as others see her: in that respect she's denser than a solid oak log!

And thank goodness for that: were she not so bloody thick in this way, she'd have dissimulated her true nature far more effectively, and fooled a lot more people, and risen far higher upon the tree of power in this world, and inflicted damage on a far more massive scale.

Which, I would hasten to add, is what plenty of radical manichaean feminists have in fact done - with consequences that have grown familiar to us over the last forty-odd years! Yes, the ones you never notice are the ones you need to watch.

In the end, there is no arguing with people who mentally sculpt the world in order to see what they wish to see. It is futile; you too are a part of their sculpture, and they will tell you so, and the more you protest the stronger their conviction grows!

Biting Beaver is the perfect feminist - a feminist par excellence! Right alongside of Valerie Solanas and plenty of other odious persons we could name. And such people are not simply "feminists" - they are feminism incarnate!

When the day is done, they leave nothing better than a pile of gnawed woodchips. That appears to be their one true purpose on earth; to accelerate the growth of entropy.

Let us say that the log is civilization, or society, or what-you-will. The beaver is steadily chomping away at the log, and the carved phallos is nothing but a transitory stage in a larger process that destroys so-called "patriarchy" right along with everything else, and in the end generates nothing but a mountain of chipped waste.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Street2Web in New Zealand!

New Zealand is a unique global hotspot for our movement - in many ways one of the most interesting places on Earth at the present time. Many intensely political things have been happening for quite a while in this remote island nation, and guess what? Next week they're at it again! I've recently gotten word of a very exciting activist project which I think you will enjoy hearing about.

Jim Bagnall, National Director of Project Reunion (helping reunite children with their fathers), Founder of Union of Fathers and Trustee of North Shore Men's Centre and Julie Whitehouse, founder and trustee of Auckland Single Parent's Trust as well as other New Zealand activists will be distributing informational brochures at four Universities in and around Auckland. Their goal is to reach both male and female students who are supportive of men, and female students who are doing gender studies - hoping to awaken all of these groups to what is happening in their country regarding men's issues.

Between Monday, 27 August and Friday, 31 August, 2000 booklets will be distributed to students at these targeted institutions. This is both a promotion for MGTOW, and an effort to persuade New Zealand young people to vote carefully in next year's elections.

Several Men's Rights sites (including the Counter-Feminist!) have been listed in these booklets and the booklets themselves summarize the cold hard facts that many MRA sites contain. In fact all information was gathered from these sites based upon the suggestions of MRA members. The NZ activist coalition is hoping that members of the online MRA community will be accomodating and willing to share their wisdom.

Did you catch that last bit? This means that in the next 2 or 3 weeks male-friendly webmasters and bloggers might notice a spike of web traffic thanks to those 2000 booklets that are being distributed in New Zealand! And thereafter, a continuing ripple effect when word-of-mouth on the street swings into action.

I am told that more printings and distributions are planned for the future, so . . . hold onto your hats!

Now, some of you crafty MRA theorists will immediately cotton onto the larger implications of this. It is far more that just a cool activism project: it is a landmark development and at least potentially the beginning of a powerful trend that could turbocharge the Movement! I say "at least potentially", since the future is not etched in stone and much depends on what you, I, or any combination of all of us decides to do with this kind of power.

Many of us online types have bemoaned our confinement to the cyberspace ghetto, but I consider that a naive brand of tunnel-vision which misses the full complexity of what is happening in the Movement at large. Still, the feeling is based upon a kernel of correct understanding: that energy confined purely to cyberspace is frustratingly limited as per demographic reach and range of operations.

The project in New Zealand creates a pipeline running from the offline physical world (the street) to the worldwide web. The flow of energy is street-to-web. It is not street-to-street. It is not web-to-street. Above all, it is not the tired old web-to-web that we know so well.

No, it is street-to-web.

Or even better: Street2Web.

(Hey, that looks right cool and jazzy, doesn't it?)

Yes, the street and the web are separate domains, governed by separate principles and yielding separate powers. However, it is good to combine these domains, these principles, these powers!

And as you can see, there are two ways to work web and street in tandem. One is to PUSH people from the web to the street. The other is to PULL people from the street to the web.

These are profoundly different modalities which yield profoundly different effects, and we ought to use them BOTH. We ought to combine them, for by means of such combination we shall arrive at a multiplication of our torque which is at once symbiotic and synergistic.

The power of street2web is not understood by most MRAs. Nor is it understood by them, that when you pull web traffic from the street it is a fundamentally and qualitatively different process than when you pull it from elsewhere on the web. This lack of understanding needs to be remedied.

I haven't explained this one tenth as well as I wanted to explain it, but I know that the Movement contains plenty of smart people who will instantly catch my drift and take up the slack. A word to the wise is plenty, and I know that the wise among you are plentiful.


**Post Corrigendum: I have temporarily removed the PDF link that I had originally posted here - reason being, that the designers wish to make some corrections to the brochure. I will post a link to the corrected version as soon as they upload it to their server.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Blurb for a New Blog!

And this one is off to a very promising start. I especially recommend this blog because of its reflective, philosophical, almost literary tone - that's the kind of tone I LIKE! We need more of that flavor in the movement, and I am glad to see this becoming the case little by little.

Yes, Rob Case has contributed some worthy comments here at CF. His blog is entitled One Man's Kingdom. Check it out:

Now. . . in order to make this more than simply a new blog blurb, I'd like to share something very, very insightful - straight from the blog itself! The following is quoted from a post entitled A Small Victory:

"The heroine’s first interview with a lesbian suspect is distinguished by her pressing the suspect to account for her past - and the woman blurts out “I wasn’t one of those feminazis…”

"It’s the first time I have heard one of our words used on mainstream TV. It is significant.

"Having words of our own serve two very important purposes. The first is to give expression to ideas that currently have no form in the minds of the public at large. As soon as a word like ‘feminazi’ enters the public dialogue, you need no longer argue that feminazism exists. Your opponent cannot say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ when the word is on everybody’s lips. You can progress your argument beyond denial to the next step.

"The second point is that words of our own making are like marked fish that we have released into the ocean. If we start catching these fish elsewhere, we know the environment is not fatal to them. When our words come back to us, we know the ideas behind them are starting to thrive..."

Yes! These notable chunks of semantic erosion signal to us that the other side is losing ground - almost literally, as the rising river at flood stage undermines their bluff and a huge section crashes into the muddy, turbulent waters with a roaring splash. This triggers a fast retreat to more secure ground by those chagrined ones who were standing near the edge!

I especially like the idea of "progressing your argument beyond denial to the next step". This is a fine summary of what I have been preaching for quite some time - that once you have concluded a particular level of argument, you progress to the next level. My theory is, that we should unceremoniously assume that next level as a moral standpoint without waiting for any kind of official clearance to do so. We ought simply to close in, and to aggressively occupy that level, and to work from there. We should seize the initiative! This will make the other side waste their energy by arguing from the purely defensive posture it forces them into.

What Rob is saying, is that we should take heart from these signs of the times - which signal that the "new level" has gotten mainstream recognition. And indeed we should take heart from these things, HOWEVER....

Rather than merely waiting for the world to go there, we might as well go there FIRST, and dig the channel for the world to follow. Dig? After all, we don't need the mainstream to tell us what we already know, do we? They're bound to catch on eventually, and it behooves US to be the agents of their political awakening in the first place by...well, pushing the river a little bit!

But to frame the story in a different way: we are pushing our adversary into a hole, are we not? In a manner of speaking? Even as they have done to us these many years? A bit ruthless perhaps? Well, maybe. Or then again, perhaps we are only assisting them to dig the hole which they are bound to eventually dig for themselves. In fact . . . I believe that is precisely what we are doing!

It is simply my prediction - and you know how I like to make predictions! ;-)

A Literal Female VOICE Against Feminism!

The MGTOW network is now making its official debut in the big bold world of podcasting! And the first podcast speaker for Men Going Their Own Way is...get this: A WOMAN!!

Specifically, KellyMac of the blog A Woman Against Feminism. See link list at right.

Yes, I can hear the faraway popping sound of exploding blood vessels - that would be brain aneurysms occurring inside thousands of feminist skulls around the world!

But seriously.....

Here's the embedded podcast widget:

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Friday, August 17, 2007

"Their Sound is Gone Out Into All Lands!"

Like most bloggers, I am curious to know who is reading or linking to me. A little while ago, I was Googling hither and yon, and I discovered something interesting I'd like to share.

Both of the following websites contained a link to one of my "greatest hits" articles - specifically, the article entitled What They Don't Want You to Know.

The first site was a blog called The Boulder Hippie Gazette - a title which speaks for itself. Sadly, this blog is now defunct - or so it would appear. However, it clings to afterlife in Google Cache mode, as you will see. Scroll down the page until you come to a title which reads, "Hippies have never been feminists". Bingo! That is, or was, the link to my article! (Oh, just for the record, I can vouch that this statement - as regards hippies - is very largely accurate!)

Now, here's the next site - a blog called Triton Unleashed. This blog is, shall I say it? Well, let's just say it decidedly ain't the Boulder Hippie, and leave it at that! The blog author has cited a lengthy passage from my CF article, and provided a link to my original (on the word "Fidelbogen"). All of this can be found on the following Triton Unleashed post: "What is Feminism?"

Upon my oath, I am honored and impressed that counter-feminist philosophy is somehow able to span the culture gap between two such wildly dissimilar critters as the Boulder Hippie, and Mr. Triton! Just goes to show, as I have always preached, that the Movement is composed of damn near every kind of male citizen you can imagine - other than the femsymp variety, natch!

Yessiree! Gives me the warm-fuzzies for sure; from my old oaken noggin clear down to my sweet little tootsies!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Signs, Signs...Everywhere Signs!

The following statement by "anonymous" has just this minute appeared as a comment, appended to my recent post about the man who was cleared of a rape conviction after his death.

I share it here in all of its uncensored glory. You must admit that Anonymous pulls no punches, and his words make for a most compelling read!

Feminists, take heed of the forces which are now rising up in the field against you! It is YOU who have created this level of anger, this level of rage! Please square up to your own responsibility for making the world what it is - you are rightly to blame for many many evil things; your guilt lies heavily upon your OWN head, like a heap of burning coals! Yes, you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. . .

Remember, these are not Fidelbogen's words; Fidel is a sweet, purring Siamese cat compared to this man here:

"I'll just repeat what I wrote on Christianj's blog:

"I take extreme precautions to minimize the chance that a woman would ever falsely accuse me of rape but if it ever happened, I would make sure that she eventually paid the ultimate price for it.

"Every Real Man has a line that you do not cross - a line where he is willing to take a stand and if necessary, make the ultimate sacrifice - and a false rape accusation is where I draw my line in the sand.

"If these bloodthirsty cunts want to destroy lives by killing their unborn babies, ripping their families apart and ass raping their exes in divorce court that is between them, the fool that married them and eventually God.

"But heed this you evil cunts: if any of you ever falsely accuses me of rape you will have made a fatal mistake. Long after you've forgotten me and long after you've moved on to destroy other lives I promise you, I will not have forgotten you. I will hunt down your worthless ass and I will be your judge, jury & executioner.

"I wish that every man would consider being falsely accused of rape as an unprovoked declaration of war against his person and act accordingly.

"These cunts need to understand IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that a MAN is not a defenseless baby in her womb that she can do with as she pleases and that there will be serious consequences for trying to fuck him over.

"As Bruce Lee famously said, "You touch me and I'll touch you back." Fight fire with fire with these bitches, that is the only language they understand. They try and destroy your life you destroy theirs, it's as simple as that. I'll leave it to Jesus to turn the other cheek.

"I sometimes wonder if even we who think we are onto women fully comprehend the depths of their depravity and wickedness."

I have presented the above, without comment, for its objective information value. Such things are a sign of the times, like a sign posted near a highway that warns us to reduce speed and watch how we drive.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yo, Feminists! We Need to Talk...

Hey you guys, I'd like you to meet somebody! Here is a man who speaks his mind; a man who is - how shall I put it? - in touch with his feelings!

You know what else? This man has a BLOG which I'm sure you'll find interesting. Take a good look, then come back and we'll chew the fat for a little bit, okay? The blog is called The Malestrom.

If you are easily shocked, do NOT visit the following link. You have been  seriously WARNED, my little grasshoppers!

Are you back now? Have you seen enough? So...what do you think?

I'll tell you what I think - since everybody knows that Fidelbogen the Counter-Feminist is a plainspoken chap who lays it on the line and doesn't mince words! Yes, that is exactly why I took up blogging: to tell you what I think!

The Counter-Feminist does not hide or disguise from you that the world contains a number of things. And what is true of the world is likewise true of this global fermentation we call the movement of men - which, trust me, is a world unto itself that mirrors the world at large!

Truly, the movement of men is a house with many mansions! You have just had a memorable peek around the corner into one of the shabbier, more obscure hallways. What I've shown you is quite something, and it ought to give you an index for comparison. You thought that old "Fidel" was quite the arrant, double-dyed patriarchal oppressor, didn't you?

It's good that I'm keenly aware of the difference between "female" and "feminist", eh? That's a damn sight more than most of you guys can claim! And yes, to be perfectly honest, it's more than plenty of MRA types can claim - I'm keenly aware of THAT TOO, thank you very much!
Which brings up another point: A lot of people in this "movement" can't see the difference between feminism and the overall female population. They despise feminism, and through the haze of their fury they can't make out the border between ideology and biology, so they despise women too!

For the world, withal, has come to that: the misogynistic shift! The poison of feminist political fallout has operated, to some degree more or less, upon nearly all men, and not to their benefit! Or anybody else's.

As everybody knows, the Counter-Feminist speaks the bloody truth at all times and does not sugarcoat things! I do not conceal from you that the general movement of men contains every kind of man you could ever hope to find upon the moral spectrum of humanity. I throw the door wide open and shine a torch inside so you can see it all very, very clearly. I'm not pulling the goddamn wool over your eyes! The Counter-Feminist doesn't play that!

Our Mr. Malestrom, whose acquaintance you have lately made, offers a study of some interest. He is a vigorous fellow, is he not? He is a man of passion and vehemence - a man who speaketh roundly! One is bound to give him that much at any rate. Just the same, I shall not conceal from you, or from him, that I do not hold with him upon all points. That is to say, that there are certain points concerning which he and I would sharply differ. Still, I value Mr. M. for what I may chance to learn from him. For everything in the world, rightly considered, is an education - whether in itself or by virtue of what it reveals or foretells. And I do find Mr. M. highly educational in that regard, even as I find so many feminists highly educational and highly revealing - of human nature, of life, of the world itself.

The world is an interesting place and always has been, yet it might become dramatically more interesting, if you follow me. For the continued application of feminist poison to the male social ecology is bound to have some interesting effects.

To be sure, the thought has occurred to me that Mr. M. is, just possibly, a feminist provocateur posing as a flamboyantly controversial MRA in order to place a certain light (let us say) upon the movement. How could such a thought not occur to me? After all, I'm the Counter-Feminist; it's my job to think of such things! And I don't put it past you feminists to employ such tactics - I am acutely aware that such possibilities lie within your moral gamut, especially when the game starts heating up as it is presently doing.

However, I shall do Mr. M. the courtesy of taking him at face value, since the point of my exposition will neither rise nor fall upon the strength of something so merely hypothetical as the case in hand. Mr M. stands in for a type which most indubitably does exist, and accordingly serves us well enough for an illustration.

So the future, as I say, might become interesting - and the continued postponement of certain imperatives can only ratchet the wheel higher, click by click and tooth by tooth. Word to the wise: the continued application of feminist poison to the male social ecology will generate, and can only generate, a maelstrom indeed! Let us suppose there comes a day when the fur is flying - when shit mingled with blood rains down from the sky. What then? I predict that on that day your tribe will be catching the bitter end of it. My advice, which you are perfectly free to reject, is to take that thought on board.

I'll be around. And when that day dawns with a red sky - or even before it dawns - look me up. We'll sit down at the big round oaken table with our documents in order, and lattes or cappucinos in front of us. Thank your luck that it's only me, on that day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Down to the Wire!

Rob Pedersen and Robb MacKenzie will begin sprocketing their way from Lansing to Washington D.C. tomorrow, August 11! The long-awaited Equal Parenting Bike Trek is about to HAPPEN! (The Michigan chapter of NOW is gnashing its teeth in helpless rage, HA!!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Man Cleared of Rape Charge: Too Bad, He Died First!

From: Times Educational Supplement, UK

Teacher cleared of rape too late

Graeme Paton
Published: 21 April 2006

"A teacher who died in prison after being convicted of raping one of his pupils has been posthumously cleared by the Court of Appeal.

"Darryl Gee was jailed in 2001 despite scant evidence to corroborate his accuser’s claims, which related to alleged incidents more than a decade earlier.

"The music teacher, who protested his innocence, died in his cell from an undiagnosed blood cancer. He had served 18 months of an eight-year sentence.This week, campaigners described the case as one of the worst miscarriages of justice they had seen after the Court of Appeal in London quashed his conviction. . . ."

Read the full article HERE:

Now, repeat after me:




All For One and Fun For All!

The Three Musketeers now have a home in cyberspace! Yes, it seems they have departed their native Île-de-France and taken up residence in the Sceptered Isle of Albion, but whatever the will currently find Athos, Porthos and Aramis on the web - swashing their buckles and crossing their swords with our mortal foe feminism, here:

This is a website which "hits hard at feminism in all its manfestations using serious articles and facts but also humour, outright anti-feminist jokes, derision, irony and ridicule; also some graphics."

Merciful heavens! Who can even hope to guess what these
dashing devils of derring-do will think of ;-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Female Voice Against Feminism

There's a new kid in Blogtown, who has but recently arrived and set up shop! Let's give a big Counter-Feminist welcome to Kim, a citizen of the female persuasion who can think of, oh...maybe one or two things she rates more favorably than our mortal foe feminism!

Kim has started a blog called Equal But Different, wherein she discourses sagely upon feminism and upon the whole man-woman malfunction in this tragically afflicted, flea-infested, indigestion-addled world:

Kim has already posted several thoughtful articles which I am certain you will find inspiring and worth your while.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hey! You Can Order This Book Online!

All right, so I'm too tired to write anything myself! But you'll appreciate this. Never too many nails in feminism's coffin, say I!

"Rethinking Domestic Violence is the third in a series of books by Donald Dutton critically reviewing research in the area of intimate partner violence (IPV). The research crosses disciplinary lines, including social and clinical psychology, sociology, psychiatry, affective neuropsychology, criminology, and criminal justice research. Since the area of IPV is so heavily politicized, Dutton tries to steer through conflicting claims by assessing the best research methodology. As a result, he comes to some very new conclusions.

"These conclusions include the finding that IPV is better predicted by psychological rather than social-structural factors, particularly in cultures where there is relative gender equality. Dutton argues that personality disorders in either gender account for better data on IPV. His findings also contradict earlier views among researchers and policy makers that IPV is essentially perpetrated by males in all societies. Numerous studies are reviewed in arriving at these conclusions, many of which employ new and superior methodologies than were available previously.

"After twenty years of viewing IPV as generated by gender and focusing on a punitive 'law and order' approach, Dutton argues that this approach must be more varied and flexible. Treatment providers, criminal justice system personnel, lawyers, and researchers have indicated the need for a new view of the problem -- one less invested in gender politics and more open to collaborative views and interdisciplinary insights. Dutton’s rethinking of the fundamentals of IPV is essential reading for psychologists, policy makers, and those dealing with the sociology of social science, the relationship of psychology to law, and explanations of adverse behaviour."

And I can assure you that the critics raved:


"This book is a must for every psychologist and other social scientists investigating the nature of violence. Advocates and social policy workers in the field should read this book; in fact, they ignore it at their peril."
-- Ehor Boyanowski, Criminology, Simon Fraser University

"This comprehensive book does an extraordinary job of reviewing the literature regarding all aspects of domestic violence…Dutton provides an in-dept theoretical discussion that gives the reader an overview of research (both practical and applicable) on offending and victim behaviour. He also assesses policy implications and provides a range of risk assessment tools, information that is critical for working with this population. But what sets this book apart from other resources is Dutton’s skill at offering a meta-analysis approach that is accessible. Everyone interested in domestic violence issues or treating domestic violence problems should read this book."
-- D.A. Mathews, Choice, vol. 44, no. 4, December 2006.

In addition to being a "must" for all of those shrinks and psychs and social worker types, this 2006 book is a must-must-MUST for MRAs who wish to become microscopically well-educated about the Big Lie which feminism has hoisted upon the world: the myth of Patriarchal Male Violence.

Go here:

You'll undoubtedly want to get the paperback version - it's a damn sight cheaper!