Friday, April 05, 2013

No Fear! -- Early Report From Toronto

I have just spent about twenty minutes talking to John the Other -- who was in his Toronto hotel room processing some video for production. As you might know, John flew out to Toronto in order to attend the lecture by  Nathanson and Young, and to witness first hand just how astoundingly stupid left-wing college students can be when they gather in crowds under the bewitchment of a Fixed Idea.

That was JTO's prevailing impression of  the youthful protestors: "Something inside their brains was broken."  John also compared them to aliens -- meaning, the outer space kind. "They are not like normal people. They can't seem to process information coherently. They did a lot of chanting, and they appear to think that rhyming counts as intellect!"

As evidence of their stupidity, consider the accompanying photo. The young woman is holding a sign which reads:  "MRA's say women are dogs that need to be trained."  The problem is, this statement is sheer fabrication. "MRA's" do not say any such thing, and I am not sure if the young women is stupid, or simply lying on purpose. But I will go with the theory that she is an emotional reasoner who doesn't let small potatoes like linear thinking get in the way. So I believe that she is honestly too stupid to know that she is lying. Not that it matters, since it comes to the same thing any way you cut it -- she is spreading falsehood and distorting reality. Friends, these are college students, who are said to be the best and brightest, to be the cream of civilization. Well I weep for civilization.

All right. I know exactly what is going on here, so let me explain. The sign which the girl is holding indicates that she is an AVfM reader, for it references an April 3rd article by JTO, titled "Bad Doggie, Good Doggie." I invite  you to read that article:

Did you read the article? Very well, then you know that nowhere, and I mean nowhere, does John the Other ever say that women are dogs who need to be trained. He Does Not Say That. EVER. Read the article again, if you you need to double check this.

JTO is actually saying that the University of Toronto student protestors are dogs that need to be trained. And that is a group that includes BOTH men and women.

John the Other NEVER said what the stupid, lying girl in the picture is suggesting that he said. Much less did any abstract, nebulous "MRA's" say any such thing.

So, do you see what kind of people we are dealing with here? They act this way all the time.

But the concept that men and boys are entitled to human rights is alien to a lot of people, and goads them into the most twisted behaviors you can imagine. We are expecting this to escalate. These are interesting times.

Moving right along,  JTO told me that he mingled among the crowd in the pre-event protest we are discussing, and made no effort to hide his identity. At one point he stood shoulder-to-shoulder between two protestors who each held signs, one of which was a sign denouncing John the Other. That's right, he stood directly between them, and they did not even appear to know who he was!

The official main event was the speech by Nathanson and Young, and this started at 7 p.m. JTO says that he, along with about twenty other pro-male partisans from far and wide, entered the lecture hall with no problem. So did the general public. The lecture proceeded uneventfully, but JTO tells of a dramatic episode where some of the protestors got into a corridor. They pulled the heavy-weight staves out of their protest signs and pounded on the floor in unison, and chanted angrily, while John walked directly in front of them. According to him, the episode was like "Lord of the Flies", but he reports that he felt no fear whatsoever.

It seems that a lot of police were on hand, including plainclothes personnel circulating in the crowd, and a contingent who guarded Nathanson and Young like a Secret Service escort. I am told that the presence of plainclothes officers (who are Toronto city police) was unusual for such an event. They seemed to be anticipating more than ordinary trouble. Nevertheless, all of Our People got through the evening just fine, and are now, I presume, writing memoirs of it in their various hotel rooms. I am sorry not have been there myself.

Articles and videos will be coming out in the next few days, and I am looking forward to these as much as you are.



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