Thursday, September 04, 2008

Burnt Out

Here is a picture of the Sargasso Sea. The DOLDRUMS, in other words. A metaphor for where my mind is currently located. And the current, let us say, is lacking. . . . .

I have been maintaining this blog for just short of two years, and I am mentally and physically exhausted. I need to get away from it. It has gotten too much like a vampire. Too much like a drug. And a drag - that too!

Sometimes I wonder why I have done it, and why I keep doing it. But of course, that is silly, because I know the answer perfectly well. I do what I do because it means something to me. Because it matters to me. Because I truly BELIEVE in what I am doing. And that thought keeps me rolling -- along with the hope that I have given somebody, somewhere on earth, something they can use: something that will inspire them and shine a light upon their path!

Or at the very least something that will lighten their day. Somewhat.

The blog shall remain. And so shall I. I will continue to check the comments and the e-mail, responding as appropriate. But I will not be posting for. . . .oh. . . . several weeks at least. Two or three months, maybe.

I need to make a cast-iron promise to myself that I will NOT do any work on the blog for a certain amount of time. I need to embrace the discipline of this, in the certain knowledge that my time and energy can be, must be, and WILL be directed to other purposes. I owe this to myself, and I intend to follow through. Unfailingly.

So. . . expect silence for a spell. But fear not; I am NOT retiring from the war. My thoughts and best wishes, as always, are with you all.

But I must take a break before I burn my poor little brain to a crisp. Seriously, I need to get away and rejuvenate myself. I really, really, need to get away from this -- and that's no lie!

Keep me in your bookmarks, and I will see you again in considerably less than a millenium!

Take care and drive safely! ;)