Thursday, June 25, 2009


Two notorious icons of the popular culture went the way of all flesh today. In other words . . . they turned into cadavers!

Their names are Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

I am writing about this in order to make clear, for the record, that neither of these people touched my life at all, in any way whatsoever. They meant absolutely nothing to me.

I never gave a rip about either Michael Jackson, or Farrah Fawcett-Majors. So now that I've established that I never gave a rip, let them RIP. ;)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheap Fun Behind Enemy Lines! ;-)

I am bored. The well is dry, and I have (temporarily) run out of things to say. My poor, tired brain refuses to "put out"! So I have done something very unusual—for me at any rate! I have trolled on a feminist blog. Yes, that is what they would call it. Anybody who enters their webspaces and speaks against feminism in any manner whatsoever, is a "troll". All right, so today I was an MRA troll.

The blog in question is called "The Apostate", and I stumbled upon it in the course of a Google search for I-forget-what. The blog authoress is a verrry interesting person for a feminist. Here is how she describes herself:

"I’m a former-Muslim 26-year-old Pakistani-American FeministAtheistCommunist who grew up in Saudi Arabia. I became an American on Aug. 12, 2008."

Shit! Half of me respects and admires half of what she is, but the other half, well. . . Houston, we have a problem!

So, she abjured Islam only to glom onto another religion (feminism/marxism) which isn't a speck better. Let us all hope that some day the Apostate will undergo her "second apostasy". Until she does, we're all "infidels" to HER.

So. . . I, the MRA infidel, left a comment. And being how it is a Wordpress blog, the comment is presently visible, but "awaiting moderation". However, for the sake of evidence and the sake of archivalism, I've made a screen capture—which you see above. The comment may or may not survive there, but it surely survives HERE, eh? Note the little morsel from an earlier commenter, for your additional reading enjoyment. :)

You will want to explore that blog some. At least, I would recommend it.

Oh, and it seems to me that the Apostate is the kind of person who would have NO difficulty understanding what I said in my comment. She would need to pretend that she didn't understand! ;)

All right, here's the URL:

And in case the URL shown at the bottom of the screen capture is unclear, it is THIS:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Throw the Book at Them!

Here is a pro-male, NF website that I discovered about half an hour ago. I think you will find it very, very useful. The author sweeps together most of the classic 'dirt' about feminism, and stuffs it all into one convenient 'bag'. A dirt bag, if you will! Except it isn't really a 'bag', but rather a 'book' — as you will see!

The website contains a good volume of information (including statistics) and plenty of good links. Much of it is old, familiar stuff (at least to us MRAs), but this is one of the best anthology treatments I've ever seen. It is well and clearly written, and the author even brings a fresh perspective to some of the issues.

This website could be right handy not only as a "Counter-feminism 101" text for dewy-eyed, bushy-tailed recruits, but as a steaming hot mug of Shut-The-Fuck-Up for feminists of all persuasions. Enjoy!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I post this entry for the sake of all places on the web which mirror this blog. About 10 of those, I believe.

Please note the corrections made in the post immediately prior to this, titled Produkt Ware Nicht Gefunden. Certain inaccuracies were contained there, and I have amended those on the original blog version, which you my directly read, HERE:

Webmasters who host mirrored versions may wish to re-do the original feed for that post.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Produkt Wurde Nicht Gefunden!

PRODUKT WURDE NICHT GEFUNDEN. That means: "product was not found".

Before I go any further I will send you to the post before last, so you can get the background on what I am discussing here:

As you'll have noted, the following comment was left by Michael, and I thought it was significant, so I attached it as a postscript on the post itself:
"And have a look at what fine academic books the German movement already can get published nowadays: Liberation movement for men: Towards a democracy of the sexes.

"The blurb on the publisher's website starts with
: 'What comes after feminism? Giving women equal status is no task anymore in western industrial societies. Equal status of women already exists.'

"Defining feminism right away as being a dispensable thing of the past, I mean that is quite exquisite, isn't it? The German feminists and their collaborators are already in a rage about it...

And today, another commenter, Rulatir, said THIS:

"It seems that the German feminists acted quickly :/

"The link given by Michael shows "PRODUKT WURDE NICHT GEFUNDEN" now."
Oh lord! A publisher of fine academic books in Germany issues a volume on 'men's liberation', and features this item in an online catalogue, and suddenly. . . . the book goes missing!

Now before we get too hasty, we should consider that maybe they were just tweaking the back end of their website, and the item got omitted from the database due to a glitch. You never know. Maybe in a week, it'll be back again. . .

On the other hand, perhaps it is true that the item was removed because feminists (German or otherwise) were upset by its presence.

It is also curious that the disappearance occurred so shortly after the link was published on this blog. Certainly, it is tempting to speculate that a CF post triggered the train of events leading to the book's removal. But no. . . to be honest, I don't think this blog has any "juice" outside of MRA country!

No, if feminists got the listing removed, it was likely the effect of local string-pulling and arm-twisting by German feminists. That would demonstrate at least two things: a.) that the feminists were mighty unhappy about the sale of such a book (no surprises there!), and b.) that their reach and their clout are quite formidable.

However, the feminists are not the only formidable ones in this case.
To me, it is formidable that such a book even got published in the first place! This tells me one important thing: that the "feminists" who theoretically made that book disappear from the website could not have been insiders at the publishing company, for if any such people had enough muscle to force the disappearance of the book, they'd have surely had enough muscle to block the book from ever getting printed.

So it would have been an outside job. The book got published without certain people knowing about it, but when those "certain people" got wind of this, the shit hit the fan! Initially, the
insiders had enough muscle or enough nerve to arrange publication, but the outsiders still had the strength to impose their will in the long run. The book was released in March 2009, so this would have taken three months to happen.

It oughtn't surprise us that feminists are by nature book-banners and burners—and that the more power they gain, they worse they will get! But who, precisely, would those mysterious "outsiders" be?
And how highly situated. . .?

Anyway. . . I found a copy of the original page in Google cache, and you can view it HERE:

I would suggest that you archive a copy of that page.

Now, just because the book was dropped from the online catalogue, doesn't necessarily mean it's out of print. The information given on the cached page ought to be enough for you to investigate and discover if that is the case.

Now, even though I understand German foggily at best, I will attempt to order the book. Perhaps that will motivate me to LEARN German by ploughing my way through it armed with Langenscheidt's dictionary! ;)


Apparently this book is not only still available, but is selling extremely well—for an academic book, that is. (See the comments for this post.)

Also, it looks like Fletcher DuBois is NOT the author of this book, even though his picture appears on the page next to it! The book seems to be an anthology, with essays from a number of (German) contributors.

Finally, it seems that MRA books are a booming business in Germany, as witness HERE:

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Most Perfect of All Possible Valleys

It seems to me that this iconic image was captured on 12 Sept 2005.

It is indeed, as you will note, the most perfect of all possible valleys - not to say the most beautiful, scenic, or spectacular, but without a doubt the most perfect of all possible valleys. It makes no matter where it is located, nor can we declare with certainty that this valley is found anywhere in time or space as we know them.

And it just so happens that this most perfect of valleys is the official center of the MRA/MGTOW universe. Now, you might be wondering about the authority behind such a statement. What makes this most perfect of valleys the OFFICIAL center of the MRA/MGTOW universe? In what does its "officialness" consist; by what virtue or capacity is this quality bestowed?

Well, it's really quite simple. First, I elected myself, for the occasion, to the Office of Officialdom. Then I dusted off my official hat of office, and settled it squarely upon my official noggin, and made my official pronouncement:

"This, the Most Perfect of All Possible Valleys, is the official center of the MRA/MGTOW universe. So let it be enacted throughout all the realm."

And so it is. Because I said so. Ipse dixit!

Yes, we may be going our own ways, but here at last is the axis mundi of our world, the place where our many and varied sagebrush paths will find their point of intersection. It is spatial, very spatial. And we males, as everybody knows, are spatial creatures: we love things of an exploratory, navigational character!

Some may find this harsh, even arid—for truly, it is a barren desert landscape. And yet that is quite fitting, since indeed we are wanderers in the desert, are we not?

But look: see the lush willows and cottonwoods along the creek. It is an oasis! So our world is not bereft of charm. . .

You don't believe me? Go now, and download the large version. It is 1500 pixels wide, big enough that you can physically walk right into the scene and wander about! Follow the creek up the valley for about a mile, and you will come to the beaver pond with the fat blue dragonflies hovering and circling all around!

However, there is something in the large version that I particularly want you to notice. Something very special. Study the ridge slope in the upper left corner of the image. See if you can spot the man going his own way. Look very, very closely! Do you see him??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spreading Our Global Tentacles Again

Maskulin Modstand is a website in Denmark, written in Danish—which is frustrating because I cannot read Danish! However, I was lucky enough to find the following brief bit in English:

"About Maskulin Modstand

"Maskulin Modstand means Masculine Resistance.

"This website is opposed to the feminization of society, the demonisation of men and the ever growing smothering maternalistic State that is the result.

"The site is almost exclusively in Danish."

I discovered Maskulin Modstand on the referrer list in my web stats. I investigated, and learned that CF posts are syndicated there for the enjoyment of Danish (or European) readers. I am right pleased! :)

Anyhow, MM is packed with what looks like interesting material—or so I would assume. I will pass this along for the benefit of anybody who knows Danish, or who knows somebody who knows it. You never know. . .

Other than that, I just want to show once again how globally connected our movement is becoming. My word, but we are growing and spreading everywhere!

That's right, we are getting bigger. We are not shrinking. We are not dwindling. And we are not going to disappear!

All right, so here's a link:

Afternote: A commenter on this post left the following:
That's the spirit, Fidelbogen! :-)

And have a look at what fine academic books the German movement already can get published nowadays: Liberation movement for men: Towards a democracy of the sexes.

The blurb on the publisher's website starts with: "What comes after feminism? Giving women equal status is no task anymore in western industrial societies. Equal status of women already exists."

Defining feminism right away as being a dispensable thing of the past, I mean that is quite exquisite, isn't it? The German feminists and their collaborators are already in a rage about it...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Very Brief Economic Summary-Part 2

And now, the long-awaited second part of NotNow's article:
"For men, the questions are many, but let's start here: What the fuck does this have to do with feminism and the family court system? IMO, it has everything to do with them.

Feminism, socialism, and the growth of big government are closely aligned. You might say they're bed mates. What are the core concepts of big government?
  1. People are stupid, and need someone to tell them what to do.
  2. People are incapable of taking care of themselves, and need government to intervene in their lives and take care of them.
  3. People who don't agree must be squashed like bugs.
Big government is shockingly expensive. Government produces nothing; everything government does is paid for through taxation, which is nothing more than skimming off some of the output of the productive members of society. The nanny state massively transfers wealth and keeps tens of millions of people, along with Wall Street Bank Holding Companies, on various forms of public assistance. The list of eligibles for these transfer payments grows endlessly. The elderly, the poor, the infirm, children, and of course bankers, all "deserve" money taken from others.

It's positively Randian. Need and political patronage have become the final arbiters of the distribution of the output of society, and government is the distributor. No one ever asks, ever: "Can we afford to keep all these people and all these banks on public assistance? Where will the money come from?" Anyone who dared to ask such questions would be accused of blasphemy.

So where HAS the money come from? Is our society really so productive that we produce enough excess to afford all of those programs? No, of course not. It's come from the same expansionary bank policy I described above. The appearance of prosperity can be created by the presence of cheap money, that is to say by inflating the dollar and by constantly lowering the interest rates:

The peak in the middle of the curve is the late 70s / early 80s when Fed Chairman Paul Volcker squeezed then-rampant inflation from the system by raising interest rates to historic highs. This action encouraged savings, so it discouraged spending and stopped price pressure. This period also saw the last great capital formation in the West. Since then we've been spending like drunken sailors:

The U.S. federal deficit for fiscal year 2009 is now projected to be $1.85 Trillion. It's easy to see that we are NOT producing enough excess to pay as we go, but rather we are borrowing easy money to keep the party going. It's this false prosperity, though, that has been the actual environment we've lived in for the past thirty years. A great number of the adults alive today have lived their entire adult lives in this phony environment of easy money and easy prosperity. Is it any wonder that people start to act stupid?

The easy money / easy credit environment is directly attributable to the deficit spending of the federal government and the expansionary post-Volcker Federal Reserve. Life, as measured by economics, has been easier than it should have been, for more than a generation, because money was easy to get. How can life being easy be a bad thing? People quickly became stupid and self-indulgent. People came to demean the importance of the people around them and begin to concentrate upon themselves; we start to hear terms like "self-actualization" being used in a positive manner. What they're really saying is this: "Everything's easy, so let's have some fun!" Look at any aspect of popular American society over the past 30 years and tell me if that isn't what you see. It was all false, and we're going to pay for it now, but that is what was happening. Self-control and economic conservatism were replace by self-indulgence and conspicuous consumption. People will behave as stupidly as they think they can get away with.

When a married couple truly need each other for survival, they do not divorce, they find a way to make it work. Why should they rationally decide to split up and go to the expense of maintaining two households when doing so would be nearly impossible? Historically, a financially conservative society is one that truly values and respects its productive members. Is there any room in such a society for "Real Houswives"? The answer is obvious, isn't it?

Can a society weakened by 30 years of self-abuse stay intact through historically troubled times? Can that same society that will soon find itself desperately needing the active support and best wishes of all its members afford to throw away those who could be the most productive, its men? I don't think so. It is merely hope, but I hope than reality will wake people up.

Where does that leave us? Reality is coming, and there's no turning back this time. The Fed is fresh out of magic bullets. The system of excess is irretrievably broken. There is no money, or rather, there are no savings, we consumed them all. Central banks have lowered interest rates to zero; governments are projecting epic deficits which have yet to be actually funded by borrowing; it remains to be seen whether anyone will actually loan the US $2 Trillion this year. Yet, in spite of all these reinflation efforts, the system hasn't sprung back to life. The Zimbabwean reality of the printing press will become apparent all too soon, as the Federal Reserve has officially begun a policy named "Quantitative Easing" in which it prints brand new money to by Treasury Bills, Bonds, Notes and Bonds. That day of awakening might come gradually or all at once, but come it must. Public discontent will grow as we realize we can no longer afford to fund two permanent dependency classes (the super poor and the super rich), and as the middle class is decimated by job losses. We will know crime and fear, and probably (hopefully?) massive political upheaval. For the first time in my life (I'm 51), absolutely anything is possible. Anything. I think (I hope) that on the other side of this event we will recall our long-forgotten respect for the intact nuclear family as the basic unit of human survival. These are dangerous times, though, and it's possible that things could "break the other way" into a more authoritarian state than that which we currently occupy. Each and every one of us must become engaged right now in this struggle.

Many libertarian economists are predicting the fall of the nanny state, on economic grounds; we simply can't afford it anymore. This could be a positive development for men, as it could result in an affirmation of society's need for intact two-parent families. It might wake women from their self-actualization fantasies and bring them back to earth.

This thing is big, and it's only just begun.

Fidel's Note: Well, well. It may be true that people are stupid, but I am not so sure they need somebody telling them what to do. Really, can't the people be stupid all by themselves? Do they need any help from the government?

However, the three part formula given in this article is the recipe for a totalitarian nanny state which touches and transforms every aspect of life—whether you think your life needs this or not! After all, they know better than you what is good for you, and if you beg to differ, well, then I reckon you need to get squashed like a bug. . . eh? ;)

Now, our old friend feminism is from first to last a totalitarian project. Perpetual revolution cannot stop; it must drill endlessly into smaller and smaller dimensions of life and establish its dominion in those realms. I repeat, it cannot stop. If it did, that would be the end of feminism. So, it is to feminism's advantage that people indeed become (and remain) stupid—stupid enough they won't see what is being done to them, and will compliantly take instructions from whomsoever appears to know the answer.

But seriously: if people will act as stupidly as they think they can get away with, it shows they are at least THINKING. Which inclines me to "think" that maybe they aren't so much "stupid" as they are lazy, greedy, perverse, etc.

Which means that the only "government instruction" they really need, is to be governed by brute circumstance, and be instructed thereby.

Ad astra per ardua. . .

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Very Brief Economic Summary-Part 1

The following article—prognosticating dark, evil clouds with possible silver linings— was submitted for posting by NotNow, an occasional commenter at CF. I find it worthy, and so I share it for the benefit of CF readers. I will break the article into two or three parts to be posted separately.

ver the past 18 months we have witnessed at least five distinct financial crises. First it was mortgage-backed securities, and we were all told "it's contained". Each subsequent crisis has been larger and more ominous than the last.

"How serious is it? The best measure, as always, is historical. And by that measure, this one is one for the record books. In fact, this one rewrites the record books. The language of central banking is arcane, by design. You're not supposed to understand, you're just supposed to pay. Cutting through all the BS, by various measures, the Federal Reserve and Treasury have either spent, lent or committed to spend a total of over $12.8 Trillion, so far. Compare this to inflation-adjusted total US costs of World War II ($3.6 Trillion) and the New Deal ($500 Billion) and you can see how big the problem is. GDP of the U.S. is $13.5 Trillion.

"There is no money.

"What is being "done" about it? The fact is, there is nothing that CAN be done about it. Another fact is this: NOTHING WOULD BE THE BEST THING TO DO. First, do no harm. But government is not in the business of doing nothing, and so they are doing "things" to try to "stabilize" the system. The system IMO is beyond stabilizing; it is a dead man walking. Wall Street, purportedly a place where businesses raise capital to engage in productive business and create wealth, is in fact a crooked casino filled with liars, cheats, and madmen. There is no money. There might have been at one time, but that was long ago.

"A capitalist economy runs on. . . .capital. Capital is, essentially, savings. It is deferred consumption. Instead of buying your kids the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip, you plow some of your earnings back into the system so it can be applied by a business in a productive manner, employing workers and producing a useful product or service and bringing it to market at a competitive price. It's simple, really.

"But somewhere along the line, money became too easy. Capitalist economies actually need recessions to flush out stupid businesses ("malinvestment") and kill them off, making way for new, smarter businesses. Politically, though, recessions are always to be avoided, by any means necessary. So the Federal Reserve responded to each recession by making money ("credit") easier and easier by lowering interest rates, which makes money easier to borrow and also speeds up the actual creation of new money. In such an environment, a lot of people have more money than they need, and that excess money encourages foolishness. In an easy-credit environment you can start a business selling two pounds of shit in a one pound bag, and lots of people did. Conspicuous consumption was the order of the day, and to keep up with the Joneses everyone spent everything they had, and then borrowed and spent more. No one saved a dime. The capital pool depleted, so we borrowed capital from China and the Middle East, and used it to fund more consumption.

"Most recently, this easy money blew a big bubble in real estate. A really big bubble, many $Trillions of dollars. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for example, together hold about $6Trillion in home loans. That's a lot of jack. The US GDP is about $13.5 trillion annually. GDP of planet earth is about $60 Trillion. We're talking about big numbers here.

"Like all bubbles, the RE bubble burst and home prices started falling. The problem is, all those home loans are "assets" on the books of various financial institutions. Now the "wealth" creation multiplier is working in reverse. In response, the Fed is quite literally printing money
The Fed's "balance sheet" has nearly tripled since August of 2008. In spite of this, the stock market has tanked. Interest rates are as low as they can go. The system is not reawakening. IMOP, that's because it is dead. On Monday, 9 March 2009, the Asian Development Band reported that the global financial crisis slashed the value of financial assests worldwide by $50 Trillion last year.

"When a nation's banks are insolvent, the nation "nationalizes" them, taking them over and using public money to keep them running. But what happens when the banks are on the hook for more money than the nation itself can produce? The nation itself becomes insolvent. That is what happened to Iceland, as their major banks (Kaupthung, Landsbanki) bit off more than they could chew, and took the country down with them.

"Major European banks are in a similar state: UBS (Switzerland), RBS (Scotland), and many others are up to their eyeballs in bad loans. A domino effect may play out. The English banking system is on the ropes, propelled there by none other than Iceland, and has just received legislative permission to print their way out; yes that's right, they are literally going to crank up the presses and print up enough money to reinflate the system, or die trying. It's just, exactly, like Zimbabwe.

"The U.S. isn't much better off, but the world still clings to the sanctity of the U.S. Treasury bond and the U.S. dollar as the last haven of safety. Those diehard true believers are in for the shock of their lives; IMO a dollar collapse is all but assured. All money that is backed by nothing will be recognized for what it is. And our money, like all currencies worldwide, is backed by nothing. Some would say it's backed by the economy, and some would say it's backed by the ability of the U.S. government to tax it's citizens. How's that looking?

"For men, the questions are many, but let's start here: What the fuck does this have to do with feminism and the family court system? IMO, it has everything to do with them."

To Be Continued. . . .

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My First Podcast

Well no, that isn't quite true. It's only half mine!

I am indebted to Amfortas, the speaker of the following, for reading the script which I provided—in a much more interesting accent than I've got! ;) Well all right, so exotic is in the eyes of the beholder. And in my own eyes, I and my west coast USA accent are hopelessly not exotic:

The script for the podcast is a slightly modified edition of the very first post I ever posted on this blog, here:

A few small deletions, a few small additions. Other than that, it's my words and message. Writing for readers, and writing for broadcast media, are different arts. And I shall work on mastering the latter, since more podcast collaborations with Amfortas and Christian J are projected.

I bid you a good evening.