Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something You May Have Missed

I know that I, myself, have missed it until now. It is a deleted page in a blog called The Bend Observer, and it concerns the Kevin Driscoll case. I say deleted. You will no longer find it on the blog, but like so many items on the web, it enjoys afterlife in Google Cache mode, HERE:

So, get it while the getting is good! ;)

I should add that there exists another blog called simply Bend Observer, minus 'THE' definite article. I have linked to that one already, in my post entitled A Dubious Rape Case in Oregon. And to be honest, I do not know what the connection is between Bend Observer, and 'THE' Bend Observer. No idea! But they seem to be published by entirely different people.

So, I wonder why that page got deleted from 'THE' Bend Observer?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Tales That Little Birds Can Tell

Just the other day, while I was sitting at my computer, I noticed that the room was feeling stuffy. So I leaned over and pulled the window sash up in order to let some fresh air in.

All at once, without warning, a tiny fluffball of a bird flew straight through the window. I think it might have been a canary. It fluttered around the room several times, perched on top of my computer, looked at me in a quizzical way, then opened its mouth and started singing. Well no, that isn't true, for I was aware that the bird was addressing me in plain English!

"Ahhh...the illustrious Fidelbogen if I am not mistaken!"

"You sound like you think flattery will get you somewhere," I rejoined with admirably quick-witted composure.

"Well, you never know. With humans it works like a charm most of the time!"

"Alas, too true! And verily you are no birdbrain, but a bird after my own blithe spirit!"

"Ahhh . . . now look who flatters! But it's all good, for I see you are a man who values plain speech. And to such a one, I will speak plainly!"

"Is that even so? Then come hither!" And at my beckoning, the bird took a short flight to perch upon my left shoulder.

With his beak to my ear, the bird whispered: "I arrive from Oregon, and I carry news of Kevin Driscoll!"

"Kevin Driscoll? That name is known to me. Do go on!"

"Well," said the bird, "we birds are like flies on the wall; we hear it all! And I know all the birds in Redmond and Deschutes county, and they tell me everything! Everything!"

"I say, you're quite the little feathered spymaster aren't you?"

"Ha! I won't take that for flattery since I know it is the simple truth! But look now, turn on your computer, open a text file, and I will keep you busier than you could ever imagine!"

I did as I was instructed. For the next half-hour I was typing away at blazing speed, and was all I could do to capture the superabundant wealth of what I was told—I can scarcely hope to convey the colorful idiom of its avian oratory, nor shall I burden the reader or myself in undertaking such a thing. When the bird had concluded his narrative, he spoke vaguely of returning, and before I could even thank him he disappeared out the open window as abruptly as he had arrived, leaving me to shake my head in wonder.

After setting my dictation in order, I ended with the following inventory of informative detail regarding Kevin Driscoll's case, which I proffer now with no additional prologue.


Kevin Driscoll was first arrested because Melissa Leahy-Rossow had bruises on her body. If it were not for those bruises, it is doubtful that Kevin would have been arrested at all, and it is doubtful he'd have suffered the hellish misadventures of the last ten months.

During the police interview the officers talked with “Dennis”— the man who had sex with Melissa in the hot tub on the night of 23 Jan 2009. Dennis told the police that he had seen bruises on Melissa in the hot tub, but the police omitted this detail from their report when they went to the judge in quest of a search and arrest warrant. Kevin Driscoll's attorney opined that no judge in the world would have issued the warrants if that information were known to him.

The police arrested Kevin, on 24 Jan 2009 at 11:30 AM, while he was walking out of his house in the company of his "ex" and her children. Reportedly, they both felt shocked by this. Kevin's "ex" made a remark along the line of "what the hell, who did you fuck?" and the police wrote in their report that it “sounded something like who did you rape?” Since that time, the prosecution has attempted to bring this item into court as if it were significantly evidentiary. Kevin's "ex" has gone on record repeatedly as to what she really said, but the prosecution persistently ignores this because it seemingly doesn't fit the scenario they wish to build.

Being in possession of a search warrant, the police naturally conducted a search of Kevin Driscoll's house. On their report, they frequently described in adverse terms the innocuous or commonplace items which they discovered. For example, a “syringe filled with unknown substance” was in fact a tube of tooth bleach clearly marked as such, and avowed to be such by Mr. Driscoll's "ex". The police also logged a “purple face mask” , which was in fact a dental mask belonging to Mr. Driscoll's "ex" (who is a dental assistant). And finally, they spoke in their report of a “big vibrator” which was reportedly a large back massager—and again, Mr. Driscoll's "ex" told them what it really was. But none of these corrections were entered on paper.

Kevin Driscoll was released from jail on Feb 8th. During a hearing, Kevin's attorney told the court that Kevin needed to return to work in order to stay financially solvent for his legal battles. Mike Dugan, the Deschutes county District Attorney, requested that Kevin's bail be raised from $382,000 to $500,000, averring that Kevin was "the worst threat this community has seen" or words to such effect. Eventually, the judge released Kevin on $50,000, on condition of house arrest and 3rd party release.

The responsibility for 3rd party release was taken on by Kevin's mother, a bank manager in Eugene, Oregon who quit her job of 15 years and moved to Redmond in order to live in the same house with Kevin, as is legally required for such an arrangement. Her house in Eugene has sat empty since February, and her life has been wrecked almost as badly as Kevin's has.

During Kevin's two weeks in jail, the police mailed a mass of legal reports and prosecutorial statements to his employer, the Federal Aviation Administration. As soon as Kevin got out of jail, the FAA put him on administrative leave without pay. After 30 days or so, the FAA decided that the scandal surrounding Kevin's name was upsettting too many employees, and that it was time for Kevin to "move on". But the immediate pretext for his dismissal was a minor discrepancy in a resume he had submitted years previously.

Since that time, Kevin Driscoll has been unemployed and on house arrest. For the privilege of being house-arrested, Mr. Driscoll has paid Deschutes county the sum of $84 per week, and his house will soon go into foreclosure. Mr. Driscoll can no longer make payments on his credit cards, and has been wondering where he and his mother are going to live in the not-too-distant future. He has also given up attending college, and his plans for medical school.

The amount of money spent on various fees has forced Kevin and his mother into bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the DA wants Kevin to "cop a plea", so it appears that forced bankruptcy is strongarm tactic which the prosecution has used to bend Kevin to its will and obtain an easy prosecution.

The prosecution has employed scumbag methods all along, as I am told. District Attorney Dugan, and his underling Jody "Shefong" Vaughan (who is personally prosecuting the case) have been trying to get Kevin back in jail—as opposed to house arrest. When Kevin and his attorney tried to get the house arrest lightened, Shefong apparently lied to the judge, telling him that Kevin has been out drinking in the bars at all hours. But when requested by the judge to produce her alleged witnesses, Shefong was unable to do so. As further evidence against Shefong, it seems that Kevin is on good terms with the woman who monitors his house arrest via the GPS tracking system. This woman tells Kevin that she has been asked by the prosecution team whether Kevin has violated house arrest, and that she has consistently told them “no, he is at home”. Shefong, however, has repeatedly insisted that Kevin is slipping out of his GPS ankle bracelet—a concept which Kevin reportedly finds outlandish.

I will end this installment here, and return later with more tales that were told to me by that wonderful, magical, amazing little bird. And some day, I must get ahold of Kevin Driscoll himself, and obtain his personal confirmation that the remarkable bird has given us an accurate narrative. ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You WILL Read This!

To the left, above: Melissa Leahy-Rossow, who avers upon shamefully and unconscionably lousy evidence that she was raped by Kevin Driscoll. To the right, above: Mike Dugan, District Attorney for Deschutes county, Oregon and the boss of Jody "Shefong" Vaughan, who is prosecuting the Driscoll case. (Would you say that Dugan carries an offhand resemblance to Boss Tweed?)

It would seem that Dugan has got Shefong's back, meaning that he is "covering her arse". . . and, by all appearance, his own as well!

So, I would like you to go now and read the latest in the US Observer. If you have been following this case avidly, then trust me, it will be worth your while:

And if you are one of the fine people who contributed to the stream of angry letters mentioned in the above article, then you should be PROUD, and you should help yourself to something tall and refreshing! :-)

More material pertaining to the KD case will be posted in the near future, but for now, this will keep you busy and maybe bring a smile!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Message From Kevin Driscoll

I have been in touch with Kevin Driscoll by e-mail. I share the following with a minimum of preamble. First, for the sake of context and what-have-you, I include my own initial letter to Kevin, as follows:
Greetings Kevin: Let me introduce myself. On the web, I go by the name of Fidelbogen, and I am what is called an MRA (Men's Rights Activist/Advocate/Agitator).

For the past week or so, I have been in touch with a friend of yours, Angela, and a friend of hers, and we have been discussing your difficult situation and thinking of ways to remedy it. Angela may have told you about me already, and possibly introduced you to my blog (the Counter-Feminist), but if not, here is the address:

I have been posting about your case quite regularly, as you will note. There has been a ripple effect, and now a LOT of people, in many parts of the world, are familiar with your story and all that you have been through — they are tracking it very intently and spreading the word further and further all the time.

I have studied the facts long and hard (and so have plenty of others), and to be honest, I don't think that the prosecution in your case has much of a case at all. The reason I say this is twofold:

1. The available evidence speaks VERY strongly in your favor - almost conclusively so! The prosecution has virtually no positive evidence against you.

2. The fact that the prosecution has not yet made a better case, strongly hints that they haven't GOT a better case, and are hoping to win this one through bullying and grandstanding tactics. I suspect they have gotten away with it plenty of times before and feel smug about it—that is how these things normally work!

Maybe "the dog ate their better case"?

To summarize, they've really got nothing better than a "he said-she said" with a few frills. And those "frills" are lousy, to say the very least!

Based on the evidence, if I were the judge I would throw your case out of court. Or if I were the jury, I would hang myself. But then, I'm not the judge or jury. Someone else is . . .

Anyway, let's get back to the present. So far, very little media glare has been given to your case, and most of it has been biased against you. The fact that you have been deprived of liberty for all of this time is simply inexcusable given the apparent lack of any solid reason for it. It is at least questionable whether your case even ought to come to trial AT ALL, let alone offering any hope to the prosecution if it did.

So. . . I'm not much of a person in the media, but I do have a blog that gets read by quite a few people, and what I post on my blog gets around rather quickly. And right now, traffic volume on my blog is at an all-time high because I am bloggging about your case. People are checking back every day to see what I will post next. . .

And so Kevin, I offer you a platform from which to speak to the world in your own voice.

And what should you say? Well, that is YOUR call; I am not the one to tell you what to say! Whatever you feel comfortable saying. Whatever you wish the world to know, or to understand. Whatever, in your opinion, will set the record straight.

It could be a single statement, or a series of statements. Who knows? But the point is that the world needs to hear from you directly, and I would like to make that possible.

If you want to discuss this some more, or if you want to ask me anything at all, please get back to me.
I will look forward to hearing from you.



Kevin Driscoll's reply is given below:
Hi there. Sorry I didn’t respond to this email sooner. It somehow ended up in my spam folder. I have talked to Angie about everything. I have been following everything as closely as I can. And let me first say, thank you. It has been so great to have people like yourself supporting me. Everything from day one has just been a whirlwind, and I am so grateful to have people like you that are interested in the truth. If you are in contact with any of them, let them know that I am very grateful for everything.

Every single person except the DA that has seen the case has been disgusted. It has taken everything in my power not to start e-mailing and posting myself. I would have done so if the Deputy DA didn’t threaten to throw me back in jail for the paper the US Observer printed. They actually had the nerve to tell my Attorney that the story in the US Observer was “Witness Tampering” and needed to stop. That is why I am so thankful that everyone has run with everything on their own. But however this ends I promise you that I will let my voice be heard. If you would want to do an interview with me, that is the least I can do for you. I owe everything to all of you.

This DA has tried every tactic in the book. They have gone from lying to witnesses, to leaving witness statements out of the police records, and even to destroying evidence. I never in my wildest dreams thought the justice system worked this way. I was just like 99% of the public in thinking that the District Attorney is after the truth, not just a win. It has been a hard lesson to learn, and to see the horrible Abyss they call the Justice system. I think it has been the Darkest, Most Evil Corrupt thing that I have ever witnessed in my life. I really hope when this is all over I can expose everyone from Melissa, to the Police, to the DA’s office. Allowing these people to destroy innocent lives must not continue. I would really like to help out and get involved in future cases like this. So when this is over I am at your disposal to help in any way I can. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you so much.
Kevin Driscoll

Monday, October 26, 2009

CF Podcast: The Fourth

The Kevin Driscoll debacle has hit a momentary lull. Furthermore, I am feeling like a worn-out rag which has gone through the wringer 1400 times. Debacles are debilitating, you know!

In the interest of not losing my marbles, I had to do something different. So I have recorded my fourth podcast, and it concerns a pivotal subject of critical importance: the two-party system of gender politics. Download the file HERE:

This 15-minute MP3 should be considered a companion piece to CF Pod No. 2, Toward a Counter-Feminist Theory of the State. If you haven't heard that one yet, and wish to do so, it is here:

Thank you, fellow workers in the vineyard. I'll get back "on topic" in the near future. ;)

Fidelbogen out . . out . . out . . .

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking Toward the Future

I would like to "topside" three reader comments from the post before this. First, the following from Anonymous at 1:02 AM:
"Don't count on anything catching fire when it comes to "MRAs".

"You only have to look at how they quickly disappear from view whenever anybody writes anything suggesting any form of 'action' - even when it comes to just sending emails.

"Notice, for example, the absence of comments following the MND article about Kevin Driscoll.

"The same happened when Paul Elam wanted support to complain about the counseling website a few weeks agp. (80% of the comments that followed his article came from non-MRAs.)

"Only about 1% of MRAs actually do anything apart from write comments here and there."
In response to that Cassandra-like statement, I (Fidelbogen) wrote the following, with one small editing change given here:

"'MRA' is nothing but a LABEL.

"Any kind of generalizing statement about so-called "MRAs" is a generalization about a quasi-mythical group of people.

"And therefore, it misses the point.

"What matters is the underlying principle which this Magical Reflex Acronym intones, i.e. that of men's rights, and the various ramifications that issue from this issue.

"Of course, the Magical Reflex Acronym is convenient, I'll grant you that! ;}"
Finally, Anonymous at 1:48 AM, who appears to be inspired by Anonymous at 1:02 AM, has this to say:

"Looks to me that Kevin Driscoll has probably gained more allies than he's lost - and probably better kinds of people as well.

"Whatever the court outcome, there is a lot more interest in this than in most rape trials, and that is new. Most of the time we only hear about this sort of thing well after the trial, or from the defendant himself.

"Rather than thinking we can predict the future because we have seen a small part of the past, maybe we would do better to genuinely try and understand how change happens, and recognize when it is happening."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Orchestrated Agenda, Anybody?

The following link was kindly supplied by a correspondent. Trigger warning: you MAY want to settle your mood with a cold bottle of something alcoholic before you go here:

When you are done with the above go here, and read slowly and thoughtfully. Then do the math, and connect the dots.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MND Gets On It

Men's News Daily—a Big Megaphone if ever there was one—has jumped into the fray by featuring a writeup on the Kevin Driscoll case. See it here:

The article is worth reading, for it adds fresh detail which has not yet been widely circulated. However, the author (who is evidently not from Oregon) has created an imaginary community in Josephine County called "Grand Pass". Last I heard, Grant's Pass was the county seat, but can it be they changed the name and didn't tell me?

Ha! When I was a young lad aged five or thereabouts, it sounded to me like people were saying "grass pants"! Funny, eh? And also itchy, I would guess! ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Extending the Scope of Operations

On the previous post, I got a comment which I quote in part as follows:
"Since you have become the rallying point for fighting against this crime against Kevin Driscoll, I suggest you create an email account . . . that all of us can CC to when we email various officials, media and the awful employers that sacked him."
Whether this blog is "the" rallying point for mobilizing on behalf of Kevin Driscoll is, I suppose, a point open for discussion. I should remark, however, that visitor and hit counts for the past few days have shot through the roof to fantastic heights. That is not an effect which I set about to create; there was no premeditation involved. It just happened, and I leave it to wiser heads to "go figure".

At any rate, I have taken my commenter's advice by creating an e-mail account reserved expressly for "matters Kevin". It is as follows:

As the commenter recommends, I would invite you to CC to me whatever you mail to Shefong, media outlets, various public officials, or other entities of significance. This stream of information will allow me to measure the temperature of the water and gauge the direction of the wind. So to speak.

I am particularly interested to hear from those who live in the vicinity of Deschutes County, Oregon—which is ground zero, after all! Not only am I keen to see what you have mailed to various targets, but I am also happy to get local anecdotes and "reports from the trenches"—whatever might convey some sense of the vox populi or give an idea of how effectively the word is spreading in the community. Whatever is of interest, send it along!

I would of course remind you of the timeworn caveat concerning e-mails of any kind: don't write anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to hear! That said, let me add that I will respect the confidentiality of sources at all times, and treat your privacy as a sacred trust. Names, addresses, or any form of identifying information will NOT be posted on this blog or otherwise disclosed to third parties. EVER.

You will find that I am a man of my word.

In the near future (but probably not tonight) I will post the new mail link in the upper right sidebar. You might have noticed that my usual "earthling" mail link has gone missing. I removed it for discretionary, paranoid reasons, for the duration of this particular campaign. Humor me. Regular correspondents who have me in their address books can reach me as always. And if you have non-Kevin stuff to talk about, you can send it to the address—I'm cool with that. (But how if you say "non-kevin stuff" in the subject line? That would help.)


In conclusion, here is a video clip which Bend Observer recently posted on YouTube:

Angry Harry Drops a Blockbuster

Go now, and read the latest by Angry Harry about the Kevin Driscoll case.

"Kevin Driscoll is Innocent":

After you have finished reading, I would urge you to "lobby" (as Harry puts it) the list of online pundits which appears toward the end of the article.

In addition, Angry Harry has printed on his webpage the same list of CC contacts which I earlier made available as a PDF.

This thing will not become as big as the Duke case unless somebody PUSHES to make it that way. And friends, Romans and countrymen, "somebody" is US!! The powers-that-be will most assuredly not make this as big as the Duke case. The last thing they want, is another episode of that magnitude! So, it is up to the activated non-feminist sector to overcome the intransigence of the entrenched—ideologues and crooks alike!

The first priority, is to rally support for Kevin and put unbearable heat on the official public criminals who want to destroy him. And in order to accomplish that, we need to spread the word, fast and furious, like wildfire. (And it would certainly help if those aforesaid. . . pundits would pitch in!)

The second priority, which follows close upon the first, is of a political and strategic nature. I've already stated this: we want to make the story big! All right, I will speak plainly: we want a dramatic propaganda victory. We want the Kevin Driscoll case to become a byword!

And when this is all over and the dust settles, we want to look back upon it as a landmark achievement for our sector—a milestone, a token of our growing political muscle, a demonstration of the force that we are able to muster, and most of all, a sign of what may be expected from us in the future. There is nothing quite like being a quantity in the algebra of political occurrence, eh?

On a somber note: If, heaven forbid, the verdict goes against Kevin . . . then the work has only begun. The aforesaid official public criminals will not be forgotten! Their fame will only grow and spread, because "somebody" will see to this, eh? But whichever way the scenario finally breaks, we are laying the foundation for it NOW. Aren't we?

I entreat all of my fellow partisans in the non-feminist sector to get involved in the activism plan sketched elsewhere, and to spread word of the Kevin Driscoll case ALL AROUND THE PLANET, by any and all means ingenuity might suggest.

Thank you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

YouTube Exposure for the
Kevin Driscoll Case!

Bernard Chapin has made a YouTube video about the Kevin Driscoll case. He posted this about one day ago, and so far it has been viewed 607 times.

But go now, and view it yourself:

After you have watched the video, go HERE. . .

. . . and do what seems best.

Faulty Link Corrected Here

Here once again is the link to the List of Shefong's Peers which I included in the post prior to the previous post. It was wrongly encoded and generated an error message, but this one should do the trick:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Serious Dirt About Shefong

To Kim, at Equal But Different, a tip of the CF hat for the following link:

Looks like a crooked prosecutor of the worst kind you could imagine.

Please share this far and wide along with related material I've blogged about.

Let the Good Times Roll!

I had asked my correspondents in Oregon to send me a list of e-mail addresses for people and organizations that could be described as Jody Vaughan's "peers". That is a rather broad category, but in this case broadness is not such a bad thing.

I got the requested list in the body of an e-mail. I copied and pasted this into a text file, and from the text file I generated a PDF. Then I sent a quick reply to my correspondent, as follows:

Wow!! Thank you, thank you. What a list!

In case it is convenient for you, I have attached a PDF
version of the list, which can be sent to all kinds of people
who want to join the campaign.

The time to begin this is NOW, in order to generate a groundswell
and possibly catch the attention of some reporter with a 'nose for
news'. By the time Nov 2 rolls around, the kettle should be on the
boil (hopefully!). The more people who know about this, the better. So put the word out to EVERYBODY by every creative method that occurs to you.

By the way, our deputy persecutor's new name is SHEFONG.

That is catchy enough that it will catch on people's tongues,
and they will babble it about! Whatever it takes to instill in the
public mind the similarity between JV and the unspeakable Mike
Nifong. (I'm guessing that Deschutes County is full of Libertarian
types who hate Nifong with a vengeance!)

So let's make Shefong a popular word all over Bend and
Deschutes County! ;)

More later.

I should explain to blog readers what this e-mail refers to. Here is the plan. Letters of protest, and support for Kevin Driscoll, should be sent to the prosecuting attorney, Jody Vaughan, a.k.a. Shefong, at the following address:

Furthermore, when you dispatch these messages, be sure to CC copies of your mail to the addresses of Shefong's "peers", in the list which I provide in PDF format here:

That way, we have many guests at the barbecue, and a wonderful style of transparency inflicted on a public official in the execution of its duties. Oh, and something else that peers are good for: peer pressure!

I think you can see the ingenuity of this plan. When you compose your message, please give thought to the tone. Task yourself to sound adult, dignified and "proper", while at the same time making it clear that you mean business! Remind Shefong, tactfully yet with an undertone of sly sarcasm, of the integrity which is due to her office, and express confidence that she will betray neither the public trust nor the standards of the legal profession as a whole.

While you are doing all of this, bear in mind the circumstances of the case which I have shared or may subsequently share in my blog posts, and let your knowledge of such particulars inform your rhetoric.

Finally, in order that it won't be lost on Shefong that the admiring eyes of the world are upon her, you should cause her to understand that you are writing from England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, or what-have-you.

And whatever you do, don't forget that CC list!!!

All right, if you consider yourself an MRA, now is the time to walk your talk! But in this case, your necessary "walk" turns out to be, in fact, "talk"—by which I mean that you should "let your fingers do the walking" upon your keyboard in order to make the "talk" which is actually the "walk" that you will be walking by talking! So as you see, talk itself can sometimes be your walk!

Go forth and conquer!

Thank you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forensic Report From the Examining Physician

I share with you now a facsimile copy of the forensic report by the examining physician in the Kevin Driscoll case. This concerns the main line of evidence by which the prosecution argues for conviction, namely, the bruises on the body of the plaintiff, Melissa Leahy-Rossow. From the description given in this report, it seems evident that the bruises were approximately 2-3 days old (yellow discoloration and faint edges) and therefore could not have been inflicted by Kevin Driscoll at the time alleged.

The following PDF has a size of 1.2 megabytes:

Please study this information carefully, and reflect upon it conscientiously. Seek the most plausible conclusion regarding the nature of the case and the truth or falsity of the charges against Mr. Driscoll.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Public Data About a Public Official

The following is an e-mail I got recently in response to a request for certain local information from Deschutes County, Oregon. You may find some of it interesting or useful, but most pertinent of all would be the e-mail link near the bottom of the list:
"This is what I can find. I am still looking. I'm having a hard time finding info about her. Trying to make her way to the top "DA" office. Not if I have anything to do with it. I'm going to keep looking. I will sent another email when I get more info."

Jody Stutsman Vaughan

Bar Number 843581

Status Active Member

Admit Date 9/14/1984

Company Deschutes County District Attorney's Office

Mailing Address Jody Stutsman Vaughan

Deschutes County DA's Office

Deschutes Co Courthouse

1164 NW Bond St

Bend OR 97701

County Deschutes

Phone 541 330-4619

Fax 541 330-6615



06/25/1997",843581,"Vaughan, Jody Stutsman","FRAKER, MICHAEL"

"07/26/1999",843581,"Vaughan, Jody Stutsman","FRAKER, MICHAEL"

11/20/2000",843581,"Vaughan, Jody Stutsman","FRAKER, MICHAEL"

2001 - Vaughan, Jody Stutsman 0601

She attended “DUII Multi-Disciplinary

Training Task Force” on April 17, 2009.

Men's Rights Magazine Now Available

MRm!magazine an e-journal of MRA and non-feminist issues, has just been released and is available in PDF format at the following address:

I have the honor to be one of the contributors to this new publication.

In addition to my own work, the magazine includes articles by Angry Harry, Amfortas, and Paul Elam (of Men's News Daily). It is projected as a periodical, and the inaugural issue is entitled The Counter-Feminist Issue.

As you might expect. . . I like that title! ;)

Anyhow, MRm! magazine is intended as both an e-zine and a print publication. The copy I have made available today is the low-res version for viewing on your computer. A high-res file for printing will be made available later.

MRm! magazine is meant for wide distribution, and we have plans along that line. But to tell the truth, our production chief (my fellow blogger Factory) knows more about that than I do—so I'll consult with him and get back to you later.

Now go read the magazine, and spread it around!

More Testimony

Here is more that I have gotten about the Kevin Driscoll case. Keep in mind that this is first-hand testimony from a personal friend who is right at the scene, has been monitoring things closely, and is better situated to know about this than almost anybody on Earth.

This beats hell out of reality cop shows, doesn't it? Beats the 6 o'clock news, too! From what I can gather, the deputy prosecutor, Jody Vaughan, differs by no appreciable criterion from Mike Nifong. They appear stamped from an identical cookie-cutter, those two! The story makes an unadulterated window into how the hanky-panky and manipulation of evidence really operates in such cases. Certainly, he-said/she-said is the pivotal point to the scenario, but as we see here, they like to back it up with fraudulent stage props as well. Not only do feminist-inspired laws pave the way, but good old fashioned greed and corruption kicks in like a turbo-booster alongside the indoctrinated legal culture.

I will post more, and soon! The report from my correspondent follows:
"In a nutshell here are some of JV's latest creations:

"* Kevin is on house arrest. Until the end of September he has been on full house arrest, only allowed to leave to go to the grocery store on his way to and from paying his weekly home monitoring payments. Apparently JV from time to time has called his monitoring person to check his whereabouts on certain dates and times... each time the monitor has assured JV that Kevin was at home. The end of September Kevin had a hearing, the second half was to see if he could get the house arrest lifted. JV told the judge that she had witnesess putting him at the bar at all times of the night. The judge asked her where these witnesses were, she was unable to provide them.

"* The main reason for the September hearing was for JV to try and get 3 of Kevin's ex's to be able to testify during the trial that they had similar experiences with Kevin, and say that he was a habitual offender. She had a great big poster board set up and tried to link the 4 girls (3 ex's and Melissa) together. The judge threw it all out. They were lies. None of the girls were alleging rape. One of the girls even told Kevin that the investigator went to her and said "this is what we have on Kevin now, he has been charged in the past (he never was) what can you do to help us put this monster away. This woman was unable to appear in court that day, but said that she read the report the investigator wrote up and told JV that it wasn't accurate as to what she said. The report was basically fabricated to go along with JV's case. In actuality Kevin has had and currently has a restraining order against this girl.

"* On Jan. 24th, Detective Chris Wick took photographs of Melissas bruises on her arms & legs, a SANE nurse at the hospital took pictures of her private parts. On Jan 27th, there were a second set of pictures taken of her arms, she refused to have any more pictures taken of her private areas. Some time around April, Kevin's attorney asked JV for the pictures taken on the 27th, JV said they were lost, but she would get them from the detectives. She never did. At a hearing (I think it was one in August, but maybe the most recent in Sept.) Kevin's attorney asked for the pictures again, she suggested they ask the Det. Chris Wick, since he was there, he told them that there were no pictures taken on the 27th. He isn't sure why it says that in the report and it was a "mishap", he says that Kevin's attorney has all the pictures that were taken.

"* In the Sept. hearing, Jody also produced a 2nd police report that Melissa filed shortly after filing the original one. She held this report from Kevin's attorney, he demanded a copy of it when she brought it up in court. In this report, Melissa admits to lying in her first report in regards to having a sexual relationship with Dennis earlier that night, as she didn't want to admit to it in the first one because she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her boyfriend Patrick.

"Lack of evidence: This whole case is built upon these bruises. The bruises are the ONLY reason Kevin was arrested prior to the police doing any type of investigation. These bruises she is claiming were caused by Kevin were actually seen by the other guy Dennis who she'd had relations with earlier in the night. He asked her about them, she declined to answer, and later used them as her "evidence" that Kevin brutally raped her. Kevin's attorney sent the pictures the police and SANE nurse took to a Forensic Pathologist, she concluded that the bruises were older than the time frame, eliminating Kevin as the cause. The rest of the pictures were so blurry and shoddy she was unable to use them for any type of examination. JV has hired a local family practice doctor here in town to disprove the Forensic Pathologist by saying you can't put an exact date on the bruises. This is also why we think the pictures taken on the 27th were "lost", then "never taken" because then her body would show it's own time line, and would also prove the bruises were not caused by Kevin.
"The ex-girlfriends are out, the bruises are a joke...there is no other evidence I know of that she has aside from Melissa's word against Kevin's. How she plans to try this case let alone win it is beyond me, but it is scary beyond belief anyway.

We recently found out about her formal complaints and are looking into what these are regarding. I'm hoping they are something that would be useful here.

"Let me know what of the information I can send you (reports, videos etc.) you can look it over, and then I'd be happy to fill in any blanks or answer any questions. There is also a letter Melissa wrote to the judge in February when Kevin was trying to get released from jail to house arrest. After she wrote that letter she was seen by several people several times out in the bars with random guys. Melissa was also on probation at the time for a recent DUI she received. She was not to be in the bars or drinking during this time... she self-admits in her police report she was.

"Thank you for all your hard work, and I will look forward to hearing from you soon."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Testimony From a Friend of the Accused

I have been in touch, by e-mail, with certain local residents in Deschutes county, Oregon, where the rape case against Kevin Driscoll is soon to be tried. For details on the case, see the post immediately prior to this. One of my contacts is, by her own confirmation, a personal friend of Kevin Driscoll, and in a recent e-mail she acts as a character witness. I share the pertinent sections of her message as follows:
"Kevin is one of my best friends. We talk several times a day, there is nothing about the case we haven't discussed; this is an embarrassing, devastatingly humbling and horrific experience for him. I truly believe that seeing the outpouring of support by complete strangers, when many of his own friends have turned their backs, is the only thing giving him the strength to tackle another day with his head up. When I thank you for posting his story, I mean it. Thank you.

"I did a little write up about Kevin. I spend my days writing e-mails, letters, comments and posts about his case, so it took me a minute to write something about him personally. I have never been asked to do that before. I have included it below, but I am not sure if it was what you were asking for. If not, let me know and I can edit or re-write:

"Kevin and I have been friends for years. I remember the night I saw his face on the news for the alleged rape. I immediately reached for my phone, I wanted to make sure he was alright. I woke up my husband; I couldn?t believe my eyes and needed someone else to confirm what I was seeing on the TV screen. Neither one of us could believe it. There had to be some sort of misunderstanding, a big misunderstanding, the police had arrested the wrong man. Kevin is kind and considerate, generous and loyal. Kevin is always the first to volunteer to lend a helping hand; my husband and I are grateful to be able to call him a friend. We've all made mistakes, done things we are not proud of, and have quirks we'd like to hide; being a violent rapist is NOT one of Kevin's. 9 months have passed since KTVZ news first aired his story. There was no misunderstanding. The crimes he is being charged with are outrageous and ridiculous. It is heartbreaking to watch Kevin go from being an outgoing, successful homeowner to being alienated from his friends and neighbors, losing his job and facing foreclosure. All the things that he has worked so hard for gone in an instant at the hands of a selfish woman who was just too afraid to tell the truth."

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Dubious Rape Case in Oregon

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday. It concerns a rape case that is soon to be tried in beautiful eastern Oregon. (No, I am not being sarcastic; eastern Oregon really is beautiful!)

From the circumstances narrated in the e-mail, and in its accompanying web links, this looks like another slam-dunk episode of false accusation. Those cases keep rolling in and piling up and up with nauseating regularity . . . don't they?

A growing light of incipient awareness dawns upon me. Somewhere in my dim, feeble, inchoate excuse for an intellect, something almost like a suspicion is bestirring and forming itself.

What do you think? Is false accusation of rape a "myth"? Or is it a real thing that really happens to real people in the real world? And is it just possibly a thing that happens fairly often . . . even too often? And just how often is too often? The feminist Susan Brownmiller thinks it happens in one case out of fifty. Is one case out of fifty "too" often? No? And supposing you, or somebody you cared about, were that one in fifty? Would THAT make it "too" often?

Or do you wonder if Two-Percent Sue fibbed to us, or didn't know what the hell she was talking about? Do you dimly suspect that the frequency of false rape accusation is a mite HIGHER than 2%? Do you suspect that certain feminist innovations in the legal system have encouraged reporting of rape in a way that makes false reporting much easier to get away with, and therefore much more likely to happen?

And in those quiet moments late at night when the world is still, has the thought occurred to you that NO estimated percentage of false rape reporting— not even zero percent—would ever justify a double standard of protection, weighted against men, in the criminal justice system? Have you given this any thought?

And has it somehow crossed your mind, that the present state of the legal system with regard to rape prosecution has made the world a much more dangerous and poisonous place in which to be male? Have you pondered the ramifications of all this with regard to how men and women will get along with each other in the future, and how it might warp the state of their relationships in general?

Has it occurred to you that men will learn to regard women—not only strange women in bars, but ALL women—with a grain or four of suspicion? And does it sound like a policy of rational self-preservation, that men should adopt such a state of mind? And do you feel that as a result of all this, the thing called "misogyny" which feminists are forever screaming about, will gradually fade away? OR: do you feel that it will grow and grow? And do you suspect that because of a possibly worsening male attitude toward women, women will just possibly reciprocate, and start hating men more and more? And after that, do you feel that men will turn around and up the ante once again? And do you feel virtually certain, that the feminists will blame men for all these things, just as they always do?

And is it possible that feminism has sparkling clean hands in all of this?
Do you feel that feminism is innocent like unto a spring lamb? Pure like unto a lily-of-the-valley? Untainted like unto the driven snow?

Oh, don't mind me! Don't listen to a word I say. I'm just a scumbag MRA who secretly admires that George Sodini guy, right? RIGHT? Go on, say it. You know you want to! Whatever you need to tell yourself; whatever helps you to duck the issue!

Anyhow . . . here is the main part of yesterday's e-mail. Caveat lector. Think for thine own selves, my fellow workers in the vineyard: weed it and reap!

I’m afraid you may be unaware of a great injustice currently happening in Deschutes County. Local prosecutor Jody Vaughan is currently pursuing false rape charges against a local man. Her tactics are less than ethical and has built “evidence” she knows to be based on lies.The evidence against the alleged “victim”, proving SHE is a repeat liar and crier of wolf is incredible and hard to overlook; unfortunately that is exactly what the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office is doing.

As a woman, a mother and a victim of rape and sexual assault, it is extremely important to me for a woman to feel safe to report sexual abuse of any kind. I know firsthand the personal power that is regained when looking an offender in the eye and sending them to prison. Regrettably I have also learned that it is far too common for women to hide behind the claim of rape in order to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own actions. The classic he said she said is almost always swayed to the woman’s side, requiring little proof on her end of the alleged events; leaving the accused to fight for their life with little help due to the Rape Shield Law. My concern is that Kevin is not going to receive a fair trial due to the protections this “victim” has on behalf of the DA’s office. This isn’t the first time she has cried rape falsely and without your help it certainly will not be her last. Please, take the time to follow the link and read the story of Kevin Driscoll ( and Videos posted at The time is now for something to be done, before another innocent life is ruined. Kevin’s trial begins November 3rd, 2009. Please feel free to contact me for further information regarding this horrifying case and these ridiculous charges.

More Evidence that Women are Oppressed

I wonder if anybody needs a trigger warning for this. . .

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Web Radio From Australia

This is the notorious "Dads on the Air" programme!

Believe me, it is worth a listen:

CF Podcast: the Third

All right, you know the drill. Feminism Is Monolithiceven if every "friendly" feminist you meet tries to tell you that it just ain't so. But take it from me: it is so!

Needless to say (as always), go viral with this. Viral as hell. Link to it. Share it. Copy it over and over and over. Burn it onto CD-roms. Install it on iPods. Broadcast it over the radio, if you wish.

Making podcasts is great fun, and I intend to make lots and lots of them. . .

Sunday, October 04, 2009

MRAs in England Have Scored
One for the Side!

I have gotten a very interesting e-mail from George Rolph in London, reporting on a recent political victory by British MRAs. It is a cloak-and-dagger tale of sorts—replete with stimulating elements of drama, undercover intrigue, political wrangling, and offshore databases—and it offers some idea of the level at which our worldwide Revolt Against Feminism is beginning to operate. But alas, only abroad! Only in other parts of the Anglosphere, or in the Continental Eurosphere.

However, it looks like our good ol' USA is still the official planetary Garden of Boredom in this respect!

The following excerpt from yesterday's e-mail is a summary of the affair in George's own words. It is followed by some links, to material of related interest:

A success for British MRAs!

For many years British MRAs have been tirelessly bombarding various MPs, Journalists, police officers and TV stations about female paedophiles and being ignored. The news, when it reported paedophile activity, focused exclusively on the role of male offenders for years. The impression given was that only men did this horrible crime and when women were involved it was only because nasty men made them do it. Thus, "it was all his fault, your honour," became the standard get-out for the women who abused children, as with almost every other crime they are accused of. Being thought of as a victim has its benefits if your are female and a criminal!

This situation continued year after year but brave MRAs, who shall remain nameless, began collecting evidence that female paedophiles were alive and well and doing what they do for nothing other than the thrill of it. Nauseating photographs and movies were collected and were stored in a secret database out of the country at great risk to the men and women who collected the data. At any moment they could be arrested and labeled a pervert for even daring to download the filth. Ending up on some lefty database somewhere and marked for life. One female member who expressed an interest in gathering the data told me that if she and the others were caught and added to a list, "at least the police and everyone else would be forced to admit that women downloaded this stuff too."

Once the evidence was gathered, along with the few studies that have been done into the problem of female paedophiles and copies of a BBC Panorama program, for example, that looked into this phenomena years ago, a warning was sent out that if the media, the government, and the police continued to ignore the truth, the Men's Rights Movement would publish the films and pictures along with all of the other evidence in a very public and open way. The outcry from the public would have been huge and would have made headlines around the world. Chief among the questions asked would have been why have the establishment so obviously and deliberately ignored the female side of this issue for so long? They can get away with that when it comes to domestic violence, but not when it comes to the sexual abuse of children. We knew that, and so did they. Thankfully, they caved in and although they will seek to downplay female involvement in this crime as much as they can, because to do otherwise would ruin their anti-family plans, at least we forced them to admit it exists!

Of course, they caved in without admitting just how sick they remain on the other issues such as domestic abuse, forced male castration; the massive violence perpetrated against men and boys world wide; the refusal to action male homelessness in the same manner that female homelessness is addressed; the stark differences in the way male prisoners and housed and treated compared to females; the crisis in male education; the anti male discrimination within the medical; the outrageous discrimination males are facing in the family and criminal courts in terms of lack of access to their own flesh and blood and huge disparity in sentences handed out by judges in the courts and the hateful attacks on men by the advertising industry and so on.

This was a success but we have a long way to go. However, for those men and women committed to fighting for men, family and boys in this world, a well deserved glass of something soothing is in order. We made the deaf and the ignorant listen. That does not happen every day.

Th evidence gathered and the identities of those who gathered it are secret and will not be disclosed so please do not ask. If you are reading this in a different country and you are also an MRA then please note that everything was gathered from the Internet and in one or two cases, paper evidence (studies) were obtained from sympathetic people inside various Universities. That means you can do it too if this is still a problem in your country. The reason for the secrecy should be obvious as computer trails can be traced back to source. Sorry, but at least we have shown it can be done.

We do not mind that the BBC have chosen to paint themselves as brave pioneers leading the way on this matter. We know better but we will let them steal the glory. The truth is important, not which lying sods inside the establishment have an ego trip while covering up the fact that they have lied about this and stalled on the subject for years because they did not want to upset the feminists and ruin their 'only men are evil' propaganda.

Keep fighting.

George Rolph

Further reading:
Postscriptum: I'm afraid I must beg to differ with George just a tad bit. While it is true that the truth is first priority, I still think it is important to expose the names of the "lying sods" too! Whoever and wherever they might be. . .

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Free Access to Thousands of
Academic Articles

Go HERE, to get the scoop:

Believe me, if you are a hardcore counter-feminist Seeker of Knowledge, you will NOT want to miss this huge opportunity! When you get there, you will find that you need to register with Sage Online before you can dive into the goodies. So, register.

Then, dive into the goodies! No doubt, you'll want to dig around in the journals about feminism, gender studies, "masculinities", and kindred topics. Be sure to haul away truckloads and cartloads of plunder. After all, it's FREE!

What you will gain is an unfiltered window into the elite world of high radical feminist academia—with a whopping, jumbo-sized order of pedantical, post-modernistical piddle-paddle! You'll catch a glimmering of what the pointy-headed vanguardians, on the cutting-edge of moral evolution, like to natter about in their arcane covens and coteries when they are formulating their high, august and lordly plans for all of our little lives. . .

The stunning arrogance and appalling pomposity of these people will completely snatch your breath away. Yes, they know More Than You Do, and they have blueprints for your world.

And best of all (let me say this again) . . . it's FREE!

You can pore through thousands upon thousands of pages of their "polite poison", if you are so inclined! And if you excavate industriously enough, you'll strike some real gems that are quite "incriminating" (to my mind) of the entire cultural-political domain that produced them. Stuff which the average Jane or Joe knows jack about—but you, my friend, will have a leg up on the game!

And you had better believe that all of it is Real Feminism. Hence, it will put you on the royal highway toward understanding what feminism really is!

Which is more than most feminists know. Really!

Anyhoo, you have until the end of October, but why wait? Carpe diem without delay: go forth and conquer!

Friday, October 02, 2009

CF Demographics

If you are familiar with the Blogger system, you probably know about followers. Followers are "people who are interested in your blog, " and have chosen to subscribe to an RSS feed (or something of that kind) which will keep them posted every time you put up a new post. And if you have a Blogger blog, you can go to your dashboard and click on a certain ikon, and you will be taken to a list of all your followers—from which you can learn more about them by clicking on their names.

Some bloggers have a little widget on their blogs which will display (in the sidebar) the thumbnail pics which their followers have submitted. I don't have that particular device because, being a low-tech sort of person, I am hostile to bells and whistles and gizmos and whatnot. And further: if I wanted to install the follower doodad, I would need to make potentially traumatic (and irreversible) changes to my template. So, better safe than sorry!

At any rate, the Counter-Feminist has got, as of this writing, 15 official Blogger 'followers' — in addition to a much larger coterie of regulars who surf in whenever.

The follower list is interesting for what it reveals about CF readership. Some of these readers are black, and some are caucasian. About half of them are women. And at least one of them is a black woman.

Among the black readership, there is a breakdown between educated middle-class and urban proletariat. However, what all my black readers appear to have in common is, that terms like "disciplined" and "upwardly aspiring" seem applicable.

Politically, the follower list ranges from libertarian freethinkers to religious conservatives—with the latter predominating.

I know, both by means of the follower list and through other channels, that this blog has an unusually large number of CATHOLIC readers. I find that intriguing, since I am not a bit Catholic, and never, at any time, did I sit down and say to myself "what can I do to pull in Catholics?" And yet . . . there they are. Go figure!

And I know, both by means of the follower list and through other channels, that this blog has a rather healthy number of female readers. Some of these are feminists who swing by occasionally for monitoring purposes, but plenty of them are just regular gals who enjoy what they find here.

Hugo Schwyzer occasionally drops by—or used to, anyway.

And a few famous or quasi-famous ones make this a regular stop. You'd probably recognize their names . . .

All right, hopefully a few of you found significance in all of this, or at least something mildly interesting. I like to give my readers matter that is worth their while, if possible.

However, I did have more arcane, ulterior reasons for posting this post . . .

*Mysterious Grin*